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Infrastructure and Economic Growth in Egypt

Author: Norman V. Loayza, Rei Odawara
Organisation: World Bank Group
Publish Date: January 2010
Country: Egypt
Sector: Development
Method: Casual layered analysis
Theme: Infrastructure
Type: Conference paper
Language: English
Tags: Infrastructure, Economic growth, Trend data, Transportation, Electricity, Telecommunication, Growth, Investments

This paper analyses the situation, trends, and effects of infrastructure in Egypt. It does so by placing the Egyptian experience in an international context. The paper examines the major sectors of infrastructure, including electricity generation, transportation, telecommunication, and water and sanitation. It assesses how infrastructure measures in Egypt currently compare with the rest of the world, particularly countries at similar level of economic development. It also reviews the historical trends in these infrastructure measures and projects their likely improvement in the future. Then, the paper describes the trends in infrastructure expenditures in Egypt, comparing to the extent possible their differing patterns across types of infrastructure and for different times in the last five decades. To serve as benchmark, the paper also presents the trends in infrastructure expenditures in a few other countries, paying special attention to the increasing role in private investment in certain infrastructure sector.
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