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Intelligent Infrastructure Futures Scenarios Toward 2055 – Perspective and Process

Author: Andrew Curry, Tony Hodgson ,Rachel Kelnar, Alister Wilson
Organisation: Foresight Programme of the Office of Science and Technology
Publish Date: No date
Country: Global
Sector: Development
Method: Creative thinking
Theme: Infrastructure
Type: Report
Tags: Infrastructure, Scenarios, Perpetual motion, Urban colonies, Tribal trading, Good intentions, Drivers for change, Intelligent designs, Environmental implications, Transportation, Climate change, Social processes, Crime, Economics

The first part of this document contains a series of personal reflections by leading academic experts on how environment, society, crime and economics may develop in the alternate futures. These thoughts, which are the personal views of the individuals and do not reflect government policy, may help you to consider the implications of the scenarios for you and your organisation. The second part presents a more detailed exploration of the methods used to develop both the scenarios and the systems mapping, or systems diagramming. These sections are intended more for the futures practitioner than the casual reader. There is also a more detailed description of how we identified the key drivers and trends that were used to explore alternate futures.
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