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The Future of Foresight in Innovation and Competitiveness

Author: Stefan Schneider
Organisation: Deutsche Bank Research
Publish Date: May 2007
Country: Global
Sector: Innovation
Method: Foresight
Theme: Futures
Type: Presentation
Language: English
Tags: Innovation, Competitiveness, Decision making, Foresight, Futures

In order to use foresight to boost innovation and competitiveness and help decision-makers, a broadly based foresight process encompassing methodically societal, political, economic and technological trends should be used. Complexity should be reduced by identifying parameters and trends and aggregating those into dynamics and aggregated dynamics should be chartered (depicted) in maps showing their impacts, references, interdependences, allowing a constant verification of dynamics and impact-schemes, and making it easier to derive implications. Pure technology-oriented foresight should be amended to incorporate the analysis of societies and markets for technology. A three-fold framework can be applied which differentiates between – new societal needs – new structures and processes of innovation – new technologies needed for these new innovation processes.
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