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Pro-Poor Scenario Toolkit: Workshop Materials and Global Forecasts for 2039

Author: Rockefeller Foundation Institute for Alternative Futures
Organisation: Rockefeller Foundation Institute for Alternative Futures
Publish Date: No date
Country: Global
Sector: Public
Method: Workshop
Theme: Poverty
Type: Other publication
Language: English
Tags: Poverty, Marginalized people, Development opportunities, Stakeholders, Futures

IAF designed this “Pro-poor Scenario Toolkit” to help communities, countries, and regions develop scenarios that place those poor populations at the center of concern for the future. This toolkit specifically invites policymakers, researchers, students, professors and active citizens to explore the future as stakeholders who can identify actions to be taken today to avoid feared consequences and achieve desired societies. IAF is seeking submissions of scenarios that place poor communities in the center of concern and that look out to the year 2039. Scenarios that are submitted to IAF will be posted on IAF’s website, and those judged most worthy will be awarded a cash prize.
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