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Prospective Slum Policies: Conceptualization and Implementation of a Proposed Informal Settlement Growth Model
Explains how factors underpinning emergence and growth of slums are accommodated within an Informal Settlement Growth Model (ISGM) that loosely couples a GIS with a CA model. In this way it is demons

Author: Remy Sietchiping
Organisation: University of Melbourne
Publish Date: 2005
Prospects and Challenges: Mozambique’s Growth and Human Development Outlook to 2040
This report uses the International Futures (IFs) forecasting system to analyze and provide an overview of Mozambique’s progress in a historical and regional context, show its expected trajectory acro

Author: Alex Porter, David Bohl, Stellah Kwasi, Zachary Donnenfeld and Jakkie Cilliers
Organisation: Embassy of Ireland in Mozambique, Institute for Security Studies (ISS)
Publish Date: June 2017
Prospects for Africa's 26 fragile countries
Provides a summary of an in-depth Institute for Security Studies monograph that assesses long-term structural dynamics in Africa by forecasting the future for Africa’s 26 ‘more fragile’ countries. Us

Author: Jakkie Cilliers, Timothy D. Sisk
Organisation: African Futures Project
Publish Date: 2013
Prospects for Change in Zimbabwe
These notes are offered to Members ahead of the Commons debate on July 19th 2007. They argue that in developing a practical response to the crisis in Zimbabwe, British policy-makers must recognise th

Author: Africa Research Institute
Organisation: Africa Research Institute
Publish Date: 2007
Prospects for economic governance: resilient pro-poor growth
Prospects for economic governance: resilient pro-poor growth

Author: William Lyakurwa
Organisation: Institute of Alternative Futures
Publish Date: 2009
Prospects for the African Power Sector: Scenarios and Strategies for Africa Project
The main goal of the Scenarios and Strategies for Africa Project is to provide insights into the opportunities and costs of a renewable energy development path. This working paper has identified a nu

Author: International Renewable Energy Agency
Organisation: International Renewable Energy Agency
Publish Date: 2012
Prospects of Mobile Search
The mobile base will reach nearly 5,000 million subscribers worldwide by 2012. By the end of 2013, broadband mobile connections (3G, 3.5G+) will account for more than half of all connections and 40%

Author: José Luis Gómez-Barroso et al
Organisation: Institute for prospective technological studies
Publish Date: 2010
Protected Areas in 2023: Scenarios for an Uncertain Future
Societies in all parts of the world have long given certain sites a special status:places they would protect to conserve their natural and cultural heritage and to maintain ecological processes for t

Author: Jeffrey A. McNeely
Organisation: Conservation Practice at the Landscape Scale, The George Wright Forum
Publish Date: 2005
Provincial Innovation Foresight Overview Report
The report is set out as follows.First,some background to the Foresight exercises is provided,followed by a summary outline of the process used.Next,some of the highlights of a synthesis of the proce

Author: D.T. Semwayo and R.S. Day
Organisation: Cooperation Framework on Innovation Systems between Finland and South Africa (COFISA)
Publish Date: 2009
Pulling Apart Facts and Figures on Inequality in Kenya
This publication is a short version of a more extensive report titled Pulling Apart:Facts and Figures on inequality in Kenya. It is part of the Society for International Development’s contribution to

Author: Society for International Development
Organisation: Society for International Development
Publish Date: 2004
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