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Private Policing: Some recent myths, developments and trends

Author: Philip Stenning
Organisation: Philip Stenning
Publish Date: 1992
Country: Australia
Sector: Public
Method: Creative thinking
Theme: Protection
Type: Conference paper
Language: English
Tags: Security, Policing, Private policing, Privatization, Accountability, Professionalisation, Technology,

This paper has been confined to a discussion of current myths, developments and trends in private policing, and some "philosophical" discussion of these. Obviously, the theme of this conference is at once broader and narrower than the theme of this paper. Broader, because it comprehends the "community" (however that may be defined) and "criminal justice" more generally, which has not been discussed, as well as the private sector; and narrower because it focuses on involvement in the criminal justice system, which has always been but a small element in the ambit of private policing. It is hoped, however, that this paper will have provided some food for thought on these other issues.

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