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Private police: the future of policing and the broader regulatory framework

Author: Rick Sarre
Organisation: University of South Australia
Publish Date: 2002
Country: Australia
Sector: Public
Method: Creative thinking
Theme: Protection
Type: Conference paper
Language: English
Tags: Policing, Private policing, Private security personnel

We live in an era of public and private regulatory flux. The upshot of this is a society in which policing is now conducted not just by those people commonly referred to as ‘the police’ but by a host of private and non-government operatives who use a range of empowerment tools and resources at their disposal, not just the criminal law. This trend is set to continue. We must remain committed to observing and monitoring these trends. In considering the public policy ramifications of diverse policing models and an expansion of surveillance, one should remain mindful of the dictum60 that society should strive for those outcomes that deliver the greatest overall freedom for the public as a whole. The freedom from anti-social conduct that we all desire should not come at any price
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