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Globesity – the global fight against obesity

Author: Sarbjit Nahal, Valery Lucas-Leclin, John King
Organisation: Bank of America Merill Lynch Reports
Publish Date: 2012
Country: Global
Sector: Health
Method: Creative thinking
Theme: Food
Type: Report
Language: English
Tags: Obesity, Globesity, Cost implications, Health care, Commercial weight loss, Diet management, Nutrition, Physical activity, Sportswear
Obesity is the fifth-highest global risk for death, accounting for at least 2.8mn adult deaths a year. This means that a large proportion of health care spending is a direct or indirect consequence of obesity, with total health care costs more than 40% higher for obese patients than normal-weight patients. The annual cost of obesity-related illness in the US alone is estimated at US$190bn, or nearly 21% of the country’s annual medical spending. The future health, social and economic costs could be overwhelming, especially given high levels of global childhood obesity and growing obesity in emerging markets.
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