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The Future of Culture

Author: D. Paul Schhafer
Organisation: World Culture Project, Canada
Publish Date: Unknown
Country: Global
Sector: Community
Method: Foresight
Theme: Public Good
Type: Article
Language: English
Tags: Culture, Cultural characteristics, Heritage, Social structures, Holistic perspectives

We have been examining some of the priorities that are needed to realize culture’s full potential and enable it to make a vital contribution to the creation of a better world. Some of these priorities - such as adopting a comprehensive understanding of culture and cultures and coalescing the cultural community into a cohesive and united force - are general and theoretical in nature. Others are more specific and practical, such as utilizing a cultural model of development in government and the decision-making process and achieving a breakthrough in cultural education. Nevertheless, both are imperative if culture is to make its full mark on the world and assume its rightful place in the world of the future
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