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Obesity and Severe Obesity Forecasts Through 2030
Previous efforts to forecast future trends in obesity applied linear forecasts assuming that the rise in obesity would continue unabated. However, evidence suggests that obesity prevalence may be lev

Author: Eric A. Finkelstein, Olga A. Khavjou, Hope Thompson
Organisation: Elsevier
Publish Date: 2012
Obesity and Trends in Life Expectancy
Increasing levels of obesity over recent decades have been expected to lead to an epidemic of diabetes and a subsequent reduction in life expectancy, but instead all-cause and cardiovascular-specific

Author: Helen L. Walls, Kathryn Backholer, Joseph Proietto, and John J. McNeil
Organisation: McNeil Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, Monash University, Australia
Publish Date: 2012
Obesity Epidemics Modeling By Using Intelligent Agents
Proposes an Agent Based Simulation Approach for modeling human behavior and its influence on the evolution of obesity epidemics and its effects on social networks, infrastructures and facilities in o

Author: Agostino G. Bruzzone, Francesca Madeo
Organisation: University of Genoa, Harvard Medical School
Publish Date: 2012
Obesity in 2020: Three Scenarios on Techno-socio-ethical Co-evolution
Our current discussions about the morals of dealing with obesity can be enriched by imaginative accounts of the ways our moralities interact with technological development.

Author: Tsjalling Swierstra and Jozef Keulartz
Organisation: Maastricht University
Publish Date: 2014
OECD Societies in Transition: The future of work and leisure
Social cohesion in OECD countries is under.

Author: Barrie Stevens, Wolfgang Michalski
Organisation: OECD Secretariat, Advisory Unit to the Secretary-General
Publish Date: 2003
Oil and the Global Economy: How Worried Should We Be?
Discusses the rise of Brent oil prices, exploring the implications of current prospective prices from a range of perspectives. Brings these views together to provide clients with a ’one-stop-shop’ on

Author: Ric Deverell, Jan Stuart, Neville Hill, Hiromichi Shirakawa, Neil Soss, Andrew Garthwaite, Kasper Bartholdy
Organisation: Credit Suisse Securities Research
Publish Date: April 2012
Oil and the World Economy: Some Possible Futures
This paper, using a six-region DSGE model of the world economy, assesses the GDP and current account implications of permanent oil supply shocks hitting the world economy at an unspecified future dat

Author: Michael Kumhof and Dirk Muir
Organisation: International Monetary Fund
Publish Date: October 2012
Oil: The Next Revolution - The Unprecedented Upsurge of Oil Production Capacity and What It Means for the World
Contrary to what most people believe, oil supply capacity is growing worldwide at such an unprecedented level that it might outpace consumption. This could lead to a glut of overproduction and a stee

Author: Leonardo Maugeri
Organisation: Harvard Kennedy School: Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
Publish Date: June 2012
On the Forecast Accuracy of Sports Prediction Markets
Accurate forecasts are essential in many areas such as business and sports forecasting.Prediction markets are a promising approach for forecastingfuture eventsand are increasingly used to aggregate <

Author: Stefan Luckner, Jan Schröder, and Christian Slamka
Organisation: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg
Publish Date: 2007
On the Urbanization of Poverty
Ravallion identifies conditions under which the urban sector's share of the poor population in a developing country will be a strictly increasing and strictly convex function of its share of the t

Author: Martin Ravallion
Organisation: The World Bank
Publish Date: April 2001
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