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The Future of Learning Objects
Learning objects are fundamental elements of a new conceptual model for content creation and distribution.They are destined to change the shape and form of learning, ushering in unprecedented efficie

Author: H. Wayne Hodgins
Organisation: H. Wayne Hodgins
Publish Date: 2004
The Future of Learning: Preparing for Change
To determine how education and training policy can adequately prepare learners for life in the future society,there is a need to envisage which competences will be relevant and how these will be acqu

Author: Christine Redecker, Miriam Leis, Matthijs Leendertse,Yves Punie, Govert Gijsbers, Paul Kirschner, Slavi Stoyano and Bert Hoogveldv
Organisation: European Union
Publish Date: 2011
The Future of Literary Imagination and its Forms in Relation to Catalan Achievement
Discusses the survival of the Catalan language that was deliberately suppressed by a previous Spanish leader, General Francisco Franco. The author also finds a significant analogy between the Catalan

Author: Harold Bloom
Organisation: Yale University
Publish Date: May 2002
The Future of Money - Presentation
Everybody knows that electronic currencies is changing the form of our conventional national currencies (smartcards, epurses, etc.) More important: it also is creating new kinds of currencies.

Author: Bernard A. Lietaer
Organisation: www.accessfoundation.org
Publish Date: 2004
The future of money: Smartphone swiping in the mobile age
Tech experts believe that by 2020 many consumers will have embraced smart-device swiping for purchases, but some suspect financial companies will slow down the trend. The experts also think credit ca

Author: Aaron Smith, Janna Quitney Anderson, Lee Rainie
Organisation: Pew Research Center
Publish Date: April 2012
The Future of NanoEnergy: Meeting the 21st Century Challenge
The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of some of the more compelling, and commercially relevant examples of technologies and IP (intellectual property) that are emerging. Examines the

Author: Institute for Global Futures
Organisation: Institute for Global Futures
Publish Date: 2004
The future of philosophy
There is no sharp dividing line between science and philosophy, but philosophical problems tend to have three special features. First, they tend to concern large frameworks rather than specific quest

Author: John R. Searle
Organisation: University of California – Berkeley
Publish Date: 1999
The Future of Publishing: A Report on Innovation and the Future of the Book
How can companiesin publishing compete with the likes of Amazon, Apple and Google? How can they use innovation to stay ahead of the game? Media Futures investigates and in the next stage of the Repor

Author: Alastair Horne
Organisation: Media Futures
Publish Date: December 2011
The Future of Research and the Research Library
The report sets up a number of challenges and scenarios for the future of the research library. The libraries must take some strategic future choices. Should the library maintain its traditional role

Author: Denmark’s Electronic Research Library
Organisation: Denmark’s Electronic Research Library
Publish Date: December 2009
The Future of Science and Technology and Pro-poor applications
The purpose of this paper is to highlight the overall lack of focus of existing foresight analysis concerning the future of science and technology on the issue of poverty.The paper looks to re-orient

Author: Nares Damrongchai and Evan S. Michelson
Organisation: Rockefeller Foundation
Publish Date: 2009
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