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Urban growth, climate change, and freshwater availability
Nearly 3 billion additional urban dwellers are forecasted by 2050,an unprecedented wave of urban growth.While cities struggle to provide water to these new residents,they will also face equally unpre

Author: Robert I. McDonald, Pamela Green, Deborah Balk, Balazs M. Fekete, Carmen Revenga, Megan Todd, Mark Montgomery
Organisation: PNAS, 6312–6317, April 12, 2011, vol. 108, no. 15
Publish Date: April 2011
Urban Population,Development and EnvironmentDynamics
The focus of this paper is on the dynamics of population, development and the environment in urban areas of low-income developing countries. In addition to drawing on the broader literature, this pap

Author: Alex de Sherbinin
Organisation: United Population Environment:UNESCO
Publish Date: 2007
Urban Poverty: A Global View
This paper provides an overview on what has been learned about urban poverty over the past decade with a focus on what is new and what the implications are for the World Bank going forward in an incr

Author: Judy L. Baker
Organisation: The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development/The World Bank
Publish Date: 2008
Urban squatters save the world
Cities have always created wealth, and have always been a population sink. Still, a world now more than half urban and headed toward 80 percent urban by mid-century is something new in history.
Author: Stewart Brand
Organisation: Mckinsey on Society
Publish Date: No date
Urban sustainability in developing countries’ megacities: modelling and predicting future urban growth in Lagos
In the first part of the paper urban sustainability issues in African countries are considered with a focus on urban growth. The need for urban management tools that are able to provide prospective s

Author: Jose´ I. Barredo and Luca Demicheli
Organisation: Cities, Vol. 20, No. 5, p. 297–310, 2003
Publish Date: 2003
Urban world: Mapping the economic power of cities
The urban world is shifting. Today only 600 urban centers generate about 60 percent of global GDP. While 600 cities will continue to account for the same share of global GDP in 2025, this group of 60

Author: Richard Dobbs, Sven Smit, Jaana Remes, James Manyika, Charles Roxburgh, Alejandra Restrepo
Organisation: McKinsey & Company
Publish Date: March 2011
Urbanization and its implications for food and farming
This paper discusses the influences on food and farming of an increasingly urbanized world and a declining ratio of food producers to food consumers.Urbanization has been underpinned by the rapid gro

Author: David Satterthwaite, Gordon McGranahan and Cecilia Tacoli
Organisation: The Royal Society
Publish Date: 2010
Urbanization in developing countries: Current trends, future projections, and key challenges for sustainability
In an increasingly urban world, almost half the world's total population and over three-quarters of the population of high-income countries now live in urban areas. While urbanization levels and tren

Author: Barney Cohen
Organisation: Committee on Population, National Research Council
Publish Date: August 2006
Urbanization, Unemployment, and Migration in Africa: Theory and Policy
This essay focuses on the conceptual, empirical, and policy-relevant linkages among urbanization, rural–urban migration, and economic development.First,recent trends and future scenarios for urban po

Author: Michael P. Todaro
Organisation: Michael P. Todaro
Publish Date: 1997
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