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Agriculture Sector Strategy 2010 - 2014
The African Development Bank’s (AfDB) Agricultural Sector Strategy (AgSS) for 2010-2014 is shaped by a series of consideration and consultations with country officials and external public and private

Author: African Development Bank Group
Organisation: African Development Bank Group
Publish Date: January 2010
Agriculture: Facts & Trends South Africa
This report provides a snapshot of the overwhelming evidence that we need better environmental practices if we want to ensure ongoing productive agricultural systems and food security in South Africa

Author: World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
Organisation: World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
Publish Date: 2010
Agriculture: Future Scenarios for Southern Africa
The briefing contextualizes the global debate on food security and trade policy instruments, defining the situation in Africa in general and Southern Africa in particular, and charts the broad contou

Author: Hilton E. Zunckel
Organisation: International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)
Publish Date: 2009
Agrimonde: Scenarios and challenges for feeding the world in 2050
Research on the world’s agricultural production and food, as regards its approach to the objective of sustainable development, has become the subject of countless studies and debates. It is one of th

Author: Bruno Dorin, Sandrine Paillard
Organisation: INRA-CIRAD
Publish Date: December 2009
Agrimonde: Scenarios and challenges for feeding the world in 2050 (Presentation)
By exploring possible futures of the world’s agricultural and food systems up to 2050, the Agrimonde project seeks to identify the fundamental challenges that agricultural research will have to face.

Author: Bruno Dorin, Patrick Caron, Bernard Hubert
Organisation: CIRAD, INRA & IFRAI
Publish Date: June 2009
AIDS in Africa: Scenarios for the Future
AIDS in Africa: Scenarios for the Future

Author: UNAIDS
Organisation: UNAIDS
Publish Date: 2000
AIDS in Africa: Three scenarios for the education sector
This report presents three distinct scenarios of how the AIDS epidemic could impact on the education sector in sub-Saharan Africa over the next two decades and, in particular, the attainment of the M

Author: Paul Bennell
Organisation: UNAIDS project
Publish Date: June 2004
AIDS in Africa: Three scenarios to 2025
“This book is about AIDS and Africa, and the world’s response to both, and presents three stories describing possible futures. If, by 2025, millions of African people are still becoming infected with

Author: UN AIDS project
Organisation: UN AIDS project
Publish Date: 2005
All Possible Wars? Toward a Consensus View of the Future Security Environment, 2001–2025
Assesses the future security environment to the year 2025. This was pursued by surveying the available literature to identify areas of consensus and debate. The goal was to conduct an assessment that

Author: Sam J. Tangredi
Organisation: Institute for National Strategic Studies National Defense University
Publish Date: 2000
Alternative projections of mortality and disability by cause 1990–2020: Global Burden of Disease Study
“Plausible projections of future mortality and disability are a useful aid in decisions on priorities for health research, capital investment, and training. Rates and patterns of ill health are deter

Author: Christopher J. L. Murray, Alan D. Lopez
Organisation: Lancet 1997; 349: 1498–1504
Publish Date: May 1997
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