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Water, Environment and Sustainable Development in North Africa
A report on water, sustainable development and the environment in North Africa.

Author: United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
Organisation: UNECA
Publish Date: 2006
Weak Signals in Organizational Futures
This thesis addresses the issue of anticipating future changes through weak signals and the role of weak signals in organizational futures learning (OFL). The focus of the thesis is to examine weak s

Author: Elina Hiltunen
Organisation: Helsinki School of Economoics
Publish Date: 2010
Web strategy for NGOs
This PowerPoint presentation explains the process of developing a web strategy for your NGO.<br />
Author: Hatcher, Brendon and Jordan, Ingrid
Organisation: BrilliantWeb
Publish Date: 09/12/2009
West Africa Long Term Perspective Study (WALTPS)
The use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in development planning has grown rapidly over the last twentyyears.Advances in technology have contributed to a sharp increase in the supply of geogra

Author: Jake Brunner, Norbert Henninger, Uwe Deichmann, Benoit Ninnin
Organisation: World Resources Institute
Publish Date: 1995
What are the implications of the global crisis and its aftermath for developing countries, 2010 - 2020?
This paper explores the implications for growth and poverty reduction in developing countries of four futures scenarios to address the following question:“What are the implications of the global fina

Author: Andy Sumner, Joe Ballantyne, Andrew Curry
Organisation: International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth
Publish Date: 2010
What Does the Future Hold for SACU? From Own Goal to Laduma! Scenarios
A group of Southern African Customs Union (SACU) experts and interested parties recently participated in a scenario-planning exercise on the future of SACU.This paper gives an account of the scenario

Author: Tanja Hichert, Peter Draper and Talitha Bertelsmann-Scott
Organisation: South African Institute for International Affairs
Publish Date: July 2010
What is Futures Research Capacity ?
what is futures reserach capacity?

Author: Jerome C. Glenn
Organisation: The Millennium Project
Publish Date: 2007
What is the future of e-books?
This paper examines the genesis of e-books. The situational analysis with respectto different aspects relating to business organizations involvement in the industry and authentic published informatio

Author: Dr.K.Prabhakar
Organisation: Velammal Engineering College
Publish Date: October 2010
What Role for South Africa in EPAs and Regional Economic Integration?
This paper asks two questions: What is the likely impact on regionalism in Southern Africa of the EU’s insistence on economic partnership agreements(EPAs);and What should the Southern African Customs

Author: Christopher Stevens, Jane Kennan
Organisation: Institute of Development Studies
Publish Date: November 2005
What Scenarios for farming and food systems in the world in 2050?
The objective and approach of this study is to: explore possible futures of food and farming systems in 2050 • envision the consequences of different possible science and technology scenarios for agr

Author: Agrimonde
Organisation: Agrimonde
Publish Date: 2008
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