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Alternative Scenarios of Urban Water Infrastructure Systems
Urban Water Infrastructure Systems (UIWS) are complex (technical, socio-economic, judicial, and institutional) systems with a large number of actors / stakeholders involved. Existing conventional UWI

Author: Dr.-Ing. Harald Hiessl Fraunhofer
Organisation: ISI
Publish Date: Nov 2007
An Enhanced Algorithm to Predict a Future Crime using Data Mining
The main aim of this research work consist of developing analytical data mining methods that can systematically address the complex problem related to various forms of crime.

Author: Malathi, A. S. and Santhosh Baboo
Organisation: Government Arts College, India; D.G Vaishnav College, India
Publish Date: 2011
An inter regional water resources planning model
Increasing competition for the Republic of South Africa’s (RSA) scarce and unevenly distributed water resources necessitates a planning strategy to cope with inter regional water scarcity. The RSA Na

Author: C.B. Schultz, M.D. Watson, I. Taviv
Organisation: 1st WARFSA/WaterNet Symposium: Sustainable Use of Water Resources; Maputo
Publish Date: November 2000
Analyzing Urban Poverty: A Summary of Methods and Approaches
In recent years an extensive body of literature has emerged on the definition, measurement and analysis of poverty. Much of this literature focuses on analyzing poverty at the national level, or spat

Author: Judy Baker and Nina Schuler
Organisation: The World Bank
Publish Date: September 2004
Anti-obesity drugs: past, present and future
To succeed in developing drugs that control body weight to the extent seen following surgical intervention, it seems obvious that a new paradigm is needed. In other therapeutic arenas, such as diabet

Author: R. John Rodgers, Matthias H. Tschöp and John P. H. Wilding
Organisation: University of Leeds, Munich and Technical University, University Hospital Aintree, Liverpool
Publish Date: 2012
Anticipating the Future: A Political Agenda for Global Economic Governance
In the next fifty years, world population will increase by fifty percent from the 6 billion people currently to 9 billion, leveling off after 2050. All the population increase will come from poor cou

Author: Colin I. Bradford, Jr.
Organisation: The Brookings Institution
Publish Date: June 2004
Anticipatory Democracy and Aspirational Futures
Anticipatory democracy is Alvin Toffler's prescription for humanity's response to the challenges of the future in his 1970 bestselling book, Future Shock. A few years after Future Shock was published

Author: Clement Bezold
Organisation: Institute for Alternative Futures, USA
Publish Date: November 2010
Application of Virtual Reality Methods to Obesity Prevention and Management Research
There is a great need for empirical evidence to inform clinical prevention and management of overweight and obesity. Application of virtual reality (VR) methods to this research agenda could present

Author: Susan Persky
Organisation: Social and Behavioral Research Branch, National Human Genome Research Institute
Publish Date: 2011
Applying Gender Action Plan Lessons: A Three-Year Road Map for Gender Mainstreaming (2011- 2013)
This transition plan identifies key lessons from the implementation of the World Bank Group action plan, Gender Equality as Smart Economics (GAP), and sets out a proposal to improve the performance o

Author: Gender and Development, Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Network
Organisation: Gender and Development, Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Network
Publish Date: May 2010
Applying the ecological footprint to ecotourism scenarios
Academic interest in ecotourism has grown rapidly in recent years, fuelled by the increasing popularity of ecotourism holidays. This paper adopts ecological footprint (EF) analysis as a means of esti

Author: Colin Hunter and Jon Shaw
Organisation: Department of Geography and Environment, University of Aberdeen
Publish Date: January 2006
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