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Why strategic foresight matters for Africa
African Futures Paper 12 | October 2014 Over the past five decades, Africa has experienced great transition and change. Many positive developments are taking shape on the continent. Overall, human de

Author: Julia Schünemann
Organisation: Institute for Security Studies
Publish Date: October 2014
Why Wait Until the Next Food Crisis? Improving Food Reserve Strategies in East Africa
This report highlights the importance of African countries holding food reserves for promoting food security and price stability. It analyses the food reserves policies of three countries in East Afr

Author: Mark Curtis
Organisation: ACORD, the Agency for Cooperation and Research in Development
Publish Date: 2014
WiMAX Forum WiMAX™ Technology Forecast (2007-2012)
This report summarizes the WiMAX Forum’s™ User, Subscriber, Operator & Country Forecasts from 2007-2012. The purpose of this forecast is to provide the WiMAX Forum prediction of the ecosystem’s world

Author: WiMAX Forum
Organisation: WiMAX Forum
Publish Date: 2008
Window on the Future: 2025 Projections of Education Attainment and its Impact
This report by the Education Policy and Data Center (EPDC) presents the first large series of projections of youth and adult education levels for 83 developing countries. The projections are based on

Author: Annababette Wils
Organisation: Education Policy And Data Center
Publish Date: 2007
Wisdom, Leadership, Governance & (implicitly) The Future
Basically the paper will be exploring some of the challenges of trying to operationalise Futures ideas within our organizations. I will be arguing that Knowledge (or more strictly information) has li

Author: Professor Bruce Lloyd
Organisation: Unknown
Publish Date: Unknown
Woman on the Edge of Time: Observations
Discusses the book Woman on the Edge of Time, by Marge Piercy, that was published in 1976. A book that is considered a feminist classic of Utopian science fiction, projecting us to 150 years into the

Author: Miriam Rosenthal
Organisation: Miriam Rosenthal
Publish Date: No date
Women & Mobile: A Global Opportunity A study on the mobile phone gender gap in low and middle-income countries
Over the past five years, the mobile industry has madeextraordinary progress in bringing the benefits of connectivityto most of the developing world. Across Africa, Asia andLatin America, mobile phon

Author: The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women
Organisation: The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women
Publish Date: 2010
Women and Alternative Futures
This paper focuses on some crucial global trends that are impacting upon a social group and a class of human beings identified as women.
Author: Ivana Milojevi
Organisation: Berkshire Encyclopedia of the 21 st Century
Publish Date: 2008
Women and the Evolution of World Politics
A world run by women would follow different rules...

Author: Francis Fukuyama
Organisation: Council on Foreign Relations
Publish Date: 1998
Workshop to boost IPR management in South African University
Mr.Teemu Seppälä and his colleague Mr. Antti Aarnio executed an interview survey that resulted in the report Technology Transfer and IPRmanagement in SA Universities in December 2008, which is downlo

Author: Mr. Pekka Roine, Prof. JUnited Kingdomka Seppälä and Mr. Teemu Seppälä
Organisation: Cooperation Framework on Innovation Systems between Finland and South Africa (COFISA)
Publish Date: 2010
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