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Juicing as a healthy alternative

by Ruth Aine - 01 August 2016

Blog-HI01I have been a member of Facebook groups but none have influenced me much to an extent that I get to change my lifestyle. However, there is this group on Facebook that I have been a part of for about three months now where I have learned so much about my health and how I to better it.

The group is called Healing Together Naturally. I think I joined this group by mistake as I can't quite remember what drew me to them. But when I joined, the owner had just introduced the Cactus Challenge.

This group uses 'natural means' to find remedies for a few conditions such as infertility, fibroids and weight loss to mention but a few. It mainly has female participants.

The owner and founder Christine Anyumel, has tried out the remedies and was healed. She then began to read and research the subject so that she could be able to help others.

What is even more interesting is that it actually works! Juicing is not a new thing; I have a book written years ago about how one can lose weight through juicing. However what is unique to this group, is some of the ingredients she uses and her recipes to follow. Some of the ingredients that I personally didn’t know had value to my body include Dandelion, (I remember running around as a child with this plant because its petals would be easily blown by the wind - a delight to behold) and cactus, which we use more for protection than we do for health. I see it being planted as a hedge in front of many gates – its thorns being a deterrent to thieves. But also, just the fact that any green plant that can be eaten by a cow or goat, we as human beings can also eat. And what better way to enjoy such plants and all their nutrients than through adding them to fruits and drinking them as juice?

I was very enthusiastic about the Cactus Challenge which is the one that I started on and have successfully incorporated into my daily diet. So, every morning I wake up and blend some juice. The key ingredients for me are cactus, cucumber, pineapple, lemon and ginger.

It is getting increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle when everyone around you is eating junk food. But I like that there are alternatives and while the process may be cumbersome, they do still exist, and I think that is very important. The communicable diseases that the majority of us suffer from today, are as a result of the food we eat. However, we can change. I like that this group encourages us to eat all the fruits and vegetables that we can but in a more fancy way – through juice. It not only boosts our immune system, but to some it is medicinal. My father, for example, has had high blood pressure and diabetes for about 14 years now. But every time he takes a combination of turmeric, beetroot, cactus, spinach and lemon, his blood pressure drops!

I am all for alternative medicine; going back to how our ancestors lived and what they ate before chips and chicken became the thing. It is not that chicken or potatoes are bad, it is the processes they go through that are not healthy at all. As Christine says: “Food is medicine, but if medicine is altered, it becomes toxic. Same with food. Food is medicine for as long as it's in original state. Any alterations in disguise of adding value makes it toxic”.


Ruth Aine Tindyebwa
Blogger/Online Communications

Read her personal blog; IN DEPTH which is at www.ruthaine.com

Read more about the author and her view on being a futurist.



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