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Ruth Aine

Imprisonment with reformation of inmates: A 2nd chance to live

by Ruth Aine - 01 September 2015


Africa and the world continue to be in a ‘prison dilemma’. There are ‘too many people incarcerated than what our prison facilities can handle and the judicial system seems to be doing little to save the situation.

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Millennials leading the change in work – conventional doesn’t cut it anymore.

by Ruth Aine - 01 August 2015

Blog-Work01Tugume, a 33-year old Ugandan gentleman, is a budding entrepreneur. His typical day starts with going to his ‘day job’ in the morning like everyone else. He is working in the banking sector in Kampala,Uganda. He has been doing this job since he left university and because of his great work ethic, he was able to rise and get promoted sooner than most.

Bringing health care to our doorsteps with the use of technology

by Ruth Aine - 01 July 2015

Blog-Health01A few weeks ago, I was at home when I tried to pick something off the floor and hit my head on a door by accident. I ended up with a bleeding cut just below my spectacles. It was about 1:00 AM and I was just about to hit the road for a trip. I was confused. I did not know what to do. Do I go and see a doctor at this time? What clinics are open for walk-in patients at this time? Will I be allowed to get onto my flight? What if I have a concussion? There were so many questions; very few answers at that time. Interestingly though – within a few minutes my cut began to dry up. So, I figured, since I did not have a headache, I would go ahead as planned and if there was anything, I would face it as it happened.

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Africa is rising but we are yet to prosper

by Ruth Aine - 01 June 2015

Blog-June15Prosperity is that kind of word that you hear once in a while, listen to and nod to, without necessarily taking note. I don’t know why. Maybe because it is associated with things that we think are exaggerations, but we still use them. Its meaning has been abused. A case in point is that of Christmas cards: We wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. That is the standard message across the board – the kind that you never pay attention to. I don’t remember the last time that I actually wrote or sent out a Christmas card. Another example is that of the pastors in Pentecostal churches who overly use the word prosperity, hence their message being called the ‘prosperity gospel’. One more example is elections in Uganda: Yoweri Museveni‘s slogan or tagline for a while contained the word prosperity.

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Africa Day - Retrospect and Celebration

by Ruth Aine - 01 May 2015

Blog-AF01This month we get to celebrate Africa Day. Designated by the African Union as an annual day of celebration of the continent’s unity, it seems to be observed a lot more outside the continent than on the continent. Over the past years celebrations have been noted in cities like New York, London and Dublin, but not so much on the continent itself. Maybe the date needs to be declared as a continental holiday, but I think that we may need a statute and convention to put that in place, if they don’t already invisibly exist.

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Women at the center of Africa’s future

by Ruth Aine - 01 April 2015

Blog-EI01Every time we think about the future of this continent, we are thinking about policy, the youth, our leaders, climate change and so on. This is understandable because we are a young continent, hence we have got to think a lot about the young generation and how we employ them, and create policy that is youth–friendly. However, there is an aspect of society that was highlighted in the recently concluded roundtable discussion hosted by the South African Node of the Millennium Project. This aspect is the role of women in society which is very crucial and translates to a secure future of the continent.

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Uganda’s first ever car – an indication its youth can change the world.

by Ruth Aine - 02 March 2015

Blog-Manu01In 2011, all of Uganda was taken by surprise when we learned that students at the oldest and once revered University, Makerere University, had produced a car. The car, named by the students the Kiira EV, was unveiled in November 2011 and it made international headlines. The message given by the young people who worked on it, was that they wanted to demonstrate that Uganda was as good as the USA and Germany. And prove so they did. The only problem is that their demonstration was short-lived. They had designed and made a car alright, but it was not about to get onto the road. They needed to have everyone else on their side and behind them to get this car on the road for public use.

Green economy yet? – No, let us feed first.

by Ruth Aine - 01 February 2015

Blog-Green01As I write this the United States is going through one of the worst snow storms ever in recent history. I was in Bremen on the weekend and we woke up to snow for the first time in a long time in this city. Heading towards the airport hours later, signage had already been put up indicating to people where to pass and which roads to avoid. Workers which I believe were from the City Council were busy pouring ‘salt’ onto the snow to melt it and allow for easy movement of cars and pedestrians. What was and is visible is that the authorities were prepared - even after not having as much snow in over five or so years. This is the case with economies that are reliable.

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Our minds not made for saving the climate

by Ruth Aine - 01 January 2015

Blog-CA01Vast expanse of uncultivated land, a lot of fresh air, huge large farms and green vegetation on virgin land: this is what you get, if like me, you managed to travel upcountry for the holidays or to the ‘village’ as it is known in Uganda. As we drove through these areas, I couldn’t help think to myself as I noticed how much potential we have in our land resources. There is so much green – very little settlement in these urban areas.

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Who sets the narrative?

by Ruth Aine - 01 December 2014

Blog-Fore01Uganda is one of the countries that for a long time have been in the news for very many reasons. For as long as I have travelled there have been so many questions about what has happened in Uganda and what is going on at the moment. Sometimes there are weird questions and observations in regard to Idi Amin. Some of them offended me in a way.

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