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Futures Studies Forum (FSF)

FSF Objectives and activities

The Futures Studies Forum for Africa & the Middle East (FSF) aims to influence the long-term development of Africa and the Middle East by utilizing futures studies, focusing on the following objectives:

  • Supporting decision-makers in visualizing medium and long term perspectives through futures studies and future scenarios, for the aim of developing a common shared future for Africa.
  • Raising public awareness concerned with the futures studies in the region.
  • Establishing networks and partnerships with local, regional and international futures studies centers.
  • Building an intellectual robust forum bringing together thinkers, innovators and researchers from regional and local research centers.
  • Developing a strong base of highly qualified human resources in the field of futures studies.

These objectives are fulfilled through the following activities:

  • Scanning future trends in Africa & the Middle East, and determine the main areas of innovation catalyzing and driving change in the region.
  • Translating available data and information into alternative future scenarios.
  • Undertaking scientific studies and reports, using quantitative and qualitative methodologies of futures studies effectively.
  • Publishing and promoting results of the FSF studies through media platforms.
  • Establishing networks and partnerships with regional and global research centers.
  • Providing training and education.
  • Organizing conferences, workshops and seminars related to futures issues.
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