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Africa Knows - Future Casting

Africa Knows - Future Casting

If you are a futurist with a passion for Africa, then join the Future Casting Workshop in Arusha, Aug 22nd, 2017.

We are looking for visionary thinkers to help us co-create Futures Scenarios for Africa 2050. I will be leading the workshop with other experienced futurists (Dr Wendy Schultz of Institute of Infinite Futures, Oxford) and several TED Fellows will be taking part. The workshop precedes the TED Global event in Arusha. https://tedglobal2017.ted.com/

Together, we want to scan the horizon for opportunities at points of dynamism, able to transform the lives of the poor and vulnerable in Africa by the year 2050, with a focus on health, livelihoods and energy sector.

Through a highly interactive methodology, which apply emerging trends to futures wheels, story board narratives and visual imagery, you can join about 25 others to create bold new futures scenarios for Africa in just one day. These tools are often used by business leaders and organizations to develop their long term business strategies and everyone who attends will develop more insights about the trends that are shaping African development from 2017 to 2050.

Although we do not offer a travel grant, we will pay for accommodation on Aug 21st and 22nd at the Arusha Hotel, and will organise all transportation for airport transfers.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. For more details and to register, please see http://futures.africaknows.com/arusha-event/


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