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Invitation to the 2012 Global SOFI Real-Time Delphi

You are invited to help create the 2012 Global State of the Future Index compiled by the Millennium Project through your participation in a Real-Time Delphi (RTD) process. This RTD asks you to estimate the best and worse value in ten years for 28 Variables and to estimate the probability, importance, and the world's readiness to address 21 potential developments that could affect these variables. Provide reasons for your answers where possible and you can return many times to see others' answers and edit your own, so you are not limited to a once-off exercise as is often the case with similar requests.

We are looking for participation by experts from the following fields of knowledge: demographics and human resources, environmental studies, science and technology, governance and security, economics, and general futures who work for institutions such as universities, governments, businesses, NGOs, UN and other international organizations.

You can access the RTD at www.realtimedelphi.org and use the study code: 2012SOFI (4 numbers and 4 Capital letters). The study is open now and will run to the end of June.

We look forward to receiving your input.

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