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Millennium Project Newsletter 4.0


Millennium Project Newsletter 4.0


1. International Assessment of Future Work/Tech Strategies

2. Insights from Philosophy, History, and STS Scholars with Futurists

3. Organization of American States (OAS) to create Foresight Network

4. The State of the Future 19.1 Getting Excellent Reviews

5. On-line Learning Modules of Millennium Project Content

6. Foresight Europe Network (FEN)and Red Iberoamericana de Prospectiva (RIBER)

7. Mini Trip Reports

8. Governance for the transition from Artificial Narrow to Artificial General Intelligence

9. Millennium Project Interns in Washington, D.C

10. The Millennium Project Planning Committee to Meet in Bolivia





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South Africa Scenarios 2030


South Africa Scenarios 2030


  • A socially cohesive South Africa
  • What are the elements of a common vision for our country?
  • What does it mean to have a people-centred state, economy and society broadly?
  • What would a peaceful, caring South Africa look like?
  • What skills should SA develop/acquire to position our country for 2030?
  • What would a growing trajectory of inequality look like in 2030 in South Africa?

Scenarios booklet



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Call for Contributors: The Many Futures of Education and Learning


Call for Contributors: The Many Futures of Education and Learning


Fast Future is asking future thinkers from around the world to submit thought pieces or full chapter proposals on how the future of learning and education might play out in the future. Our aim is to provide a diverse set of trends, new ideas, and radical perspectives on the future of learning and education at every level. Please share this Call for Contributors with anyone who you think might be interested in submitting a chapter proposal or thought piece.


This is an invitation for anyone that might be interested in exploring different paradigms for the future of education and learning. We encourage people from different fields of knowledge to submit their proposals. Every stage of the educational system is expected to be covered (including nursery, primary school, secondary, college, university level, corporate training, and life-long adult learning).


We encourage contributors with radical new ideas about the future of education to submit a short article or a whole chapter. Preference will be given to those who have both the strongest proposal and the most energy to support the promotion of the book to a global audience.





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The Future of AI in Business and Society - 2018 Survey


The Future of AI in Business and Society - 2018 Survey


There is a growing sense that the pace of development in artificial intelligence (AI) is accelerating and that it could have a transformative impact on every aspect of our world.  This survey sets out to explore those ideas and assess the potential impact of AI in business and society over the next five to ten years. The content will be used in our forthcoming book Unleashing Human Potential - The Future of AI in Business and Society. Everyone who completes the full survey will receive a free digital copy of the book. 


Please take a few minutes to complete the survey here


Please forward this survey link to any colleagues who you think might be interested.


Thank you in anticipation of your participation.


Rohit Talwar, Steve Wells, and Alexandra Whittington



Editors – Unleashing Human Potential - The Future of AI in Business and Society


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Exponential Foundation Series online courses


Exponential Foundation Series online courses


The Singularity University’s online courses will bring an exponential mindset, understanding of emerging technologies, and actionable tools for innovating into the future right to your device—all in a comprehensive learning platform that tracks your progress and connects you with peers.


The Exponential Foundation Series includes 3 unique courses that will help you reframe your perspective of the current societal landscape, discover emerging trends in technology and innovation, visualize new futures for yourself and your organization, and learn how to take action to test ideas and adapt to change.


Course 1: Foundations of Exponential Thinking

Course 2: Practicing Exponential Foresight

Course 3: Impact Lab




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World Future 2018


World Future 2018

From Dystopia to Eutopia: Creating a Future Too Good to Be True (But Isn’t)

August 16 and 17 2018


At WorldFuture: 2018, you can expect:

  • Immersive sessions on the future of food and agriculture and the future of health and medicine
  • Facilitated conversations on topics like the future of human purpose, social justice, rural innovation, AI, computational biology, creativity, storytelling, and cryptocurrency
  • Hands-on opportunities to experience new technology and initiatives
  • Unique experiences that will inspire and invigorate you
  • Actionable, obvious takeaways from our sessions and immersive experiences that you can apply immediately to your work and personal pursuits



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