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Webinar on Human Services 2035









National Leaders Collaborate to Offer Scenario Planning Webinar Series on Future of Human Services


To offer insights into what progress humans have made, what needs we will have and what human services will be in the United States in 2035 , leading national human services organizations are offering a three-part webinar series to help public and private human services providers and community partners respond to and prepare for major uncertainties in the state of the economy and employment, technology, policy, equity and inclusion. 


The Institute for Alternative Futures (IAF), funded by the Kresge Foundation, developed the Human Progress and Human Services 2035 project, which considered alternate futures for the nation and with eight state and local areas.  Now, IAF and Kresge are partnering with American Public Human Services Association (APHSA) and the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities to expand the reach and use of these scenarios through this webinar series.  


Webinar #1 – Introducing Scenario Planning and the Human Services 2035 Effort

Wednesday, Feb. 20 from Noon to 1 pm (Central Time)




In the first webinar, we’ll introduce the power of futures thinking and how this can benefit your    community and organization. The presentation team for this session features:


• Tracy Wareing Evans, President and CEO of APHSA, who will be introducing the webinar series 

• David Fukuzawa, Managing Director of the Kresge Foundation’s Health Program, on why Kresge supports this scenario effort

• Susan Dreyfus, CEO and President at the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, on what scenario planning is and why it is a valuable tool for the human services community

• Clem Bezold, Chairman and Senior Futurist at IAF, on the process and input for this project, including forecasts for some of the key forces that moved the scenarios toward different futures


Webinar #2 – City, County and State Lessons from the Human Services 2035 Effort

Wednesday, March 6 from Noon to 1 pm (Central Time)




Hear from users of Human Services 2035 Scenarios as they describe their experience and insights; how the effort related to their planning and decision making; key learning; and results from the effort. Presenters will share their perspectives from the city, county and state level. 


• Richmond VA, Reginald Gordon, Director, Richmond Office of Community Wealth Building

• Connecticut, Kathy Brennan, Deputy Commissioner at State Connecticut Department of Social Services

• San Antonio TX, Molly Cox, President and CEO, SA2020


Webinar #3 – Stepping into the Human Services 2035 Scenarios

Wednesday, March 27 from Noon to 1 pm (Central Time)




During the third Webinar, we will “step into” the futures of human services and human progress in the year 2035, exploring the four national scenarios. This session will train participants to think like a futurist and to use the scenarios in their organization or community to enhance their strategic planning, review their vision, and better create their preferred future.    


• Thinking like a Futurist – Clem Bezold, Institute for Alternative Futures  

• The Human Services 2035 Scenarios – Clem Bezold and Mary Carenbauer, Futurist, Institute for Alternative Futures 

• Insights and recommendations from the Human Services 2035 Project – Tracy Wareing Evans, APHSA and Raquel Hatter, managing director of The Kresge Foundation’s Human Services program  


NOTE:  Each of the three webinars will include time for questions and answers, as well as discussion.  


If you have questions about this webinar series or about the Human Process and Human  Services 2035 effort, please contact Mary Carenbauer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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