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Desktop Study of North Africa Sub-regional Climate Change Programmes
Desktop Study of North Africa Sub-regional Climate Change Programmes

Author: Sahara and Sahel Observatory (OSS) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) as working document for the Consultative Meeting on the Draf
Organisation: Sahara and Sahel Observatory
Publish Date: 2010
Detection of Potential Site for Future Human Habitability on the Moon using Chandrayaan-1 Data
Chandrayaan-1, the maiden Indian lunar spacecraft, carried 11 different scientific payloads on-board. The Terrain Mapping Camera (TMC) having 5 m spatial resolution and three-dimensional viewing capa

Author: A. S. Arya, R. P. Rajasekhar, Guneshwar Thangjam, Ajai and A. S. Kiran Kumar.
Organisation: Space Applications Centre, Indian Space Research Organization
Publish Date: 2011
Developing Industrial Minerals, Nuclear Minerals and Commodities of Interest via Off-world Exploration and Mining
From the abstract of the report: As the availability of important mineral deposits on Earth declines, including nuclear minerals, or as they are consumed at increasing cost, price-competitive resourc

Author: Michael D. Campbell, Bruce Handley, Henry M. Wise, Jeffery D. King, and M. David Campbell
Organisation: Campbell and Associates
Publish Date: 2009
Development and The Information Age: Four Global Scenarios For The Future Of Information and Communication Technology
Around the world, new information and communication technologies (ICTs) are creating or supporting innovative systems and networks that are increasingly affecting societies and their governments, ind

Author: John Houukins & Robert Valantin
Organisation: International Development Research Centre
Publish Date: 1997
Development and Assessment of Future Scenarios in the Context of the Security Environment
The paper presents a new approach of scenario technique according to GRIENITZ - especially with the use-cases future foresight and risk assessment. Under consideration of past and present, scenario

Author: Volker Grienitz, Andre-Marcel Schmidt
Organisation: University of Siegen
Publish Date: 2011
Development and Inequality in South Africa
Development and Inequality in South Africa, 2007 Futures Conference, University of Stellenbosch, 6 – 8 November 2007, Jean D. Triegaardt

Author: Jean D. Triegaardt
Organisation: Development Bank of Southern Africa
Publish Date: 2007
Development Dialogue: Climate Justice and Gender
As part of the Environmental Justice and Gender Programme, the Development Dialogue successfully took place on 18-19 December 2008 at the Convent of S. Maria del Giglio, Bolsena, Italy. More than 80

Author: SID
Organisation: SID
Publish Date: 2008
Development of Maritime High Schools in the Eastern Cape
This report details the envisaged Maritime High School that hopes to provide knowledge about the maritime industry as well as demonstrate the career opportunities available to high school learners. S

Author: David Lefutso and Thembinkosi Semwayo
Organisation: Eastern Cape Department of Education
Publish Date: 2010
Development without energy? Assessing future scenarios of energy consumption in developing countries
Assess the role of energy consumption in scenarios of the future, particularly highlighting the essential role of energy in development processes.
Author: Jan Christoph Steckel, Robert J. Brecha, Jessica Strefler, Michael Jakob, Gunnar Luderer
Organisation: Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research
Publish Date: June 2013
Developments to Improve the Status of Women Millennia 2015 – Global Experts Study
"Developments to Improve the Status of Women" is a Millennia 2015 Global Experts Study. Conducted using the Real Time Delphi technique provided by The Millennium Project, it was designed to collect o

Author: Theodore J. Gordon, Elizabeth Florescu, Marie-Anne Delahaut, and Rosa Alegria
Organisation: Millennia2015
Publish Date: March 2009
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