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South African Women as Champions of Change: A Civil Society Programme of Action for the African Women’s Decade

Author: Margaret Chitiga-Mabugu and Selma Karuaihe
Organisation: HSRC Economic Performance and Development Programme
Publish Date: November 2012
Country: South Africa
Sector: Social Development
Theme: General
Type: Other publication
Language: English
Tags: Women, Gender, Poverty eradication, Poor

Four themes have been identified as the main issues facing South African women as part of a civil society programme of action for the African Women’s Decade, co-ordinated by South African Women in Dialogue (SAWID), namely: 1) poverty eradication in the context of gender; 2) early childhood development (ECD) in the context of gender; 3) violence against women; and 4) co-ordination of civil society initiatives. A fifth theme which cuts across the others is employment creation.

This report is arranged in four sections which correspond with the thematic areas. Section 1 describes best practice in respect of poverty eradication in South Africa. Section 2 explores best practice in respect of ECD in the context of gender. Section 3 describes violence against women and what is being done about it. Section 4 explores the co-ordination of the efforts of civil society organisations (CSOs) in respect of these three central areas of endeavour. The final section concludes the report and presents the main recommendations.
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