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Urbanization, Unemployment, and Migration in Africa: Theory and Policy

Author: Michael P. Todaro
Organisation: Michael P. Todaro
Publish Date: 1997
Country: Africa
Sector: Development
Method: Scenarios
Theme: Unemployment
Type: Other publication
Language: English
Tags: Urbanization, Rural–urban Migration, Economic Development, Urban Population, Ecomony, Scenarios

This essay focuses on the conceptual, empirical, and policy-relevant linkages among urbanization, rural–urban migration, and economic development. First, recent trends and future scenarios for urban population growth are reviewed, with special emphasis on African urbanization. Then, the growth and significance of the urban informal economy and the role of women in informal economic activities are examined. Rural–urban migration is discussed in both a descriptive and an analytical framework; the economic crisis in Africa and its relationship to urbanization and migration are considered. An analysis of policy options designed to ameliorate the deteriorating economic, social, and environmental dilemmas posed by Africa’s rapid urban growth concludes the study.

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