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Insight into Cars


Mary Barra - CEO, General Motors

“The auto industry is poised for more change in the next five to ten years than it’s seen in the past 50."

Carsten Breitfeld - CEO of Byton

“What if the car drives autonomously, and we create a space of well-being where you can be connected, work, be entertained, shop, whatever."

Randall J. Mille - EY Global Automotive & Transportation Leader

“We are currently in an era when things that were once science fiction are quickly becoming reality. Simple things no one ever imagined — like using an app to share a ride — are becoming revolutionary. Incumbent automakers, new entrants and other industries reliant on transportation need to innovate and experiment even faster to meet the challenges of this new era and dramatically evolve their business models. We believe our large automotive clients can be in the driver’s seat to command the market for mobility services."

Josipa Petrunic - CEO of CUTRIC

“Low-carbon smart mobility is the name of the game—anything that reduces emissions or improves mobility . . . is where we play."

Dirk Wollschlaeger - General Manager, IBM Automotive Industry

“Security is the foundation to everything in the Internet of Things. This becomes particularly apparent with the connected car, as it is such an active participant in our daily lives. Just like health insurance, you have to be sure that you are adequately covered, otherwise the consequences can be disastrous."

Thilo Stieber - Vice President Portfolio & Innovation, Global Head of Automotive, Atos

“The traditional automotive industry models of human-driven, personally owned vehicles may be radically challenged in the coming years. In the emerging ecosystems, each company will have to rethink where to play and how to win."

Marko Weisse - Vice President, Head of Manufacturing, Retail & Transport in China, Atos

“With digital, Automotive is evolving from a hardware to a data-, software- and service-driven industry. This must completely reshape the industry’s technology strategies."

Joern Buss - Oliver Wyman partner and author of the report.

“The automotive industry is facing a perfect storm of transformative technology and changing customer behaviour. There will be turbulent times ahead, which will not only impact manufacturers but also suppliers, many of whom will need to reassess their existing business strategies to stay competitive in the future."

Bob O’Donnell - Founder and President, Technalysis Research.

“If ever there was an industry ripe for disruption – and in need of a tech overhaul – the automotive industry it is."

Daniel Yergin - IHS Markit Vice Chairman, Pulitzer Prize-winner and project chairman.

“A great ‘automotive paradox’—where more travel via car than ever, but fewer cars will be needed by individuals—will be a defining quality of the new automotive future. The shift is just beginning. By 2040, the changes in transportation will be accelerating in a way that will be visible on roads and highways around the world. The pace and degree of this dynamic shift will have significant implications for industry, for public transportation systems, and for how people get to work and live their lives – and spend their money on transport."

Tom De Vleesschauwer - Transport and Mobility Practice Leader, IHS Markit.

“Mobility service companies will be a prime driver of shifting car sales from personal to fleet economics. Ride hailing has the potential to be so disruptive because it is often the most convenient for consumers and can significantly increase access to car transport, particularly in markets with low car ownership rates.

The automotive future will be defined by transformation unlike anything we’ve seen since the dawn of the automotive age. Still, our analysis shows that there will be much that looks familiar, even in 2040. The majority of new cars sold and miles traveled will be in vehicles purchased for personal use. And a large share of those will have internal combustion engines that run on refined crude products. But the future of automotive transport will be an era defined by multidimensional competition. And the changes that future brings about will be profound and permanent."

Jim Burkhard - Vice president, global energy markets and mobility.

“Oil’s monopoly as a transport fuel will erode as a new era of multidimensional competition takes hold—but it will remain a major player. Many of its advantages as a fuel, such as its high energy density, will persist. And the size of the current automotive ecosystem will moderate the pace of change."


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