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Waste II

Our selection of videos on this month's theme: Future of Waste II


Circular Economy & Waste Management in Africa: Sustainable Business Models for Green Jobs Creation
The session featured various enablers for both long- and medium-term national development agendas for solid waste management including policies as well as legal and regulatory frameworks. The session also highlighted initiatives led by both the public and private sectors, focusing on the development of a circular and social economy that drives the creation of green jobs and financial wealth.


Webinar: AI and The Future of Recycling Facilities
Is a smart MRF a smart move? Our webinar tackles this question and more as we dive into how the future of recycling facilities is being shaped by advances in artificial intelligence—not just robotic sorters but AI at every step of the recycling process. BHS Chief Technology Officer Thomas Brooks explores the past, current and future use of this evolving technology from real-life case studies to real-time material classification.


(Future of) recycling and use of recycled plastics in food packaging
(Future of) recycling and use of recycled plastics in food packaging


Future of Waste Recycling Technology
This panel is organized under the theme "Future of Waste" curated by Prof. Margaret Bates of Northampton University


The Future of Waste Management - is a Circular Economy truly possible?
The Millennium City is the first prototype urban development master plan for a futuristic city in Luzon to be powered by waste-to-energy technologies. The future city includes the design of two major projects: the urban development of Millennium City and a waste-to-energy facility located in Barangay Balayan, Batangas. Its 44,000-sqm total land area fragments into 14 land use and 11 districts, populated by numerous structures inspired by meta-modern and neo-futurist architecture.


Keynote Conference Speaker - Futurist: Packaging, Energy, Paper, Waste, Recycling, Sustainability
Futurist conference speaker - industry trends. Future trends in paper and packaging industry- entire 30-minute presentation. Paper and packaging industry. Future of sustainable packaging, paper, logistics. Demographics, digital impact, distribution and destiny.


The Future of Waste with Futurist Speaker Nikolas Badminton
Technology has brought a completely different life style. Sci Tech Voyager Jheni Osman travels in time and over the world to explore how these revolutionary technologies were invented, how they are produced today and how they will evolve in the future.


Future of Retail - Renewable Energy and Circular Economies - futurist speaker Nikolas Badminton
What if we create sustainable retail operations by switching to renewable energy and circular economy principles?


Future of Waste Management – Turning #waste into #Energy
The future of Waste management starts and proceeds with technological adjustments. Like every other industry, to proceed, the waste management industry needs to become digitized and data-driven to advance its work field.


What the Future: Waste
Each person produces almost a ton of trash per year. Ipsos research finds that consumers want to waste less and want brands to help them. From our latest issue of What the Future, expert interviews supported by Ipsos consumer data and research explore how consumers look to brands to innovate and lead efforts to a more sustainable tomorrow.


"What does the future of waste management and recycling look like?" - Picking Up by Robin Nagle
Robin Nagle and John Doherty discuss what waste management and recycling may look like in the future.


Reimagining Food Waste: Future Thought Leaders Series
Food waste is at an all-time high. More than 40 percent of all edible food is tossed out each year and half of that is fresh but slightly imperfect produce. What to do? A panel of experts convened by Kitchens for Good and the Berry Good Food Foundation explores how to reverse this trend by connecting suppliers with those who will benefit most from increased access to healthy foods.


TEDxGrandValley - Michael Merren - Envisioning a Zero Waste Future
Michael Merren is the Sustainability Officer at Mel Trotter Ministries of Grand Rapids. In this role Michael is responsible for organizing food waste composting and runs an award-winning recycling program with a capture rate of 82%. The Mission sends zero waste to landfill. Michael instituted a zero-waste event policy last year, speaks on zero waste around the state and has executed a number of zero waste events.


Zero waste cities - the dream of Anja comes true | Anja Cheriakova | TEDxUtrecht
Zero waste cities where all waste and residual products are being reused or recycled” - that’s the dream and the course of action De Clique has taken to heart - and in practice. Zero waste cities where all waste and residual products are being reused or recycled” - that’s the dream and the course of action De Clique has taken to heart - and in practice. Because the residual waste produced by local caterers and businesses is already been remade and re-used as fertilizer for the production of plants, foods or raw materials from which new products are being enhanced.


We can fuel the future with industrial waste | Sheeba Dawood | TEDxGreensboro
The future of electrification will require increasing abilities to store electricity in batteries -- which require lithium. The use of a nanotechnology approach will expand recovery of lithium from waste products at reduced cost and effort. Dr. Sheeba Dawood is a nanoscientist and CEO and co-founder of Minerva Lithium LLC. Dawood leveraged lithium-trapping technology she developed as a doctoral student into her spin-off company, which aims to disrupt the energy storage industry.


Re think, Re-define and Re-design waste for future without landfills | Nupur Tandon | TEDxBistupur
It is about time that we stop doing "Deceptive Cleaning". The onus is on each one of us to start managing our own waste to divert it from illegal dumping and burning and convert it into resource. Nupur, someone who ran on the tracks of Allahabad in her school days as an athlete in her, continues to run the tracks even now, however these tracks are towards the goal of creating social and environmental change.


A technology that could cause landfills to fall into obsolescence | Johnny Poore | TEDxAtlanta
Landfills are where garbage that cannot or are not being recycled end up and they are expensive to maintain and environmentally undesirable. Johhny Poore is the executive director of Solid Waste Authority in rural Barnesville, Ga., and he is testing technology that transforms garbage into usable gas and environmentally benign and reusable by-products that bypass the landfill.


How Plasma can fix our waste problem | Tom Whitton | TEDxMontreal
What happens to garbage after we throw it out? Are landfills and recycling our only options? Plasma, the 4th state of matter, is one of the ways that innovative minds have developed to maximize energy and material recovery from waste. Tom Whitton shows us how we can avoid sending value-rich waste to environmentally-unfriendly dead-end landfills and discusses the barriers preventing its adoption. As we emerge from COP21 and seek long term solutions, plasma is a viable option to help solve our growing waste management problems.


A Zero Energy, Water, Waste Future | Mike Dieterich | TEDxHerndon
Mike discusses the future of energy, water, and waste in our built environment. He suggests how we can zero our human footprint.


2021 Future City Theme Webinar: A Waste-Free Future and the Circular Economy
Recorded live on Oct. 19th, 2021, this webinar is for Future City teams and anyone else interested in this year's theme: A Waste-Free Future. Hear from professionals and experts about what they're doing today. Get inspired as you learn all about concepts of a circular economy!


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