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East Africa Today: An interview with Terfa & Idayat

In Episode 21, East Africa Today has its first three-person podcast with Mr. Terfa Philip Hemen and Ms. Idayat Hassan, both from the Centre for Democratic Development (CDD) in Nigeria. In the podcast we discuss their impressions of Kenya and East Africa from a West African perspective and identify similar trends that are shaping both regions, particularly the youth bulge. Mr. Hemen and Ms. Hassan explain how the youth, in the absence of a brighter future and aspirations, sometimes turn to religion as an outlet. We speak about Boko Haram and similar groups will increase in the future. Both Mr. Hemen and Ms. Hassan explain how the youth bulge can be a threat and an opportunity but believe that in Nigeria the youth will be the reason the country transforms. They also shed light on the future of Nigeria and what to expect in the coming years, including how Nollywood can be a force for political transformation.


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