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Assessment of Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability to Climate Change in North Africa: Food Production and Water Resources

Author: Ayman F. Abou-Hadid
Organisation: International START Organisation
Publish Date: 2006
Country: North Africa
Sector: Environment
Theme: Climate Change
Type: Report
Language: English
Tags: Water, Resource, General, Climate Change, Climate, Food production

The aim of the study is to enhance scientific and technical capacity in countries in North Africa for: (1) Assessing current and future adaptive capacity and vulnerability of food production and water resources; (2) Enhancing adaptive capacity in current and future conditions; and (3) Synthesis of lessons learned in the region. Also, it aims to evaluate the adaptation measures proposed by a range of stakeholders in North Africa derived by surveys to farmers and farmers groups, and interviews to sub-national technical resource managers. Information is provided to the stakeholders to increase the technical understanding of the interactions between climate and agriculture. The stakeholders’ measures are evaluated qualitatively by interviewing agricultural managers and quantitatively by using agricultural simulation models. Within this broad framework, the scientific objectives of the project are; (i)Stakeholder engagement, (ii) Impacts detection, (iii) Evaluation of adaptation methods, and (iv) Linkages between climate information and scenarios and vulnerability.
Located in: Resources
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