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Chioma Agwuegbo

Futurist Profile


Chioma Agwuegbo

Social Media Strategist / Journalist

Founding Partner: CC Consulting Services
Editor: YNaija2015

B. Sc (Mass Comm) - Ebonyi State University, Nigeria
MA (Social Media) - Birmingham City University, England

Chioma answered a few questions about her perspective and on being a futures thinker.


You identify yourself as an African futures thinker or practitioner. How would you describe to the woman or man on the street what it is that you do in this regard?

Simply, how do our actions/thoughts/policies today affect the world we live in now, and what it will be tomorrow? A basic example would be littering and its ripple effects on health, the earth, etc.

How many years have you worked as an African futures thinker / practitioner?

Four years

In which countries or places have you had working experience as an African futures thinker / practitioner?

Nigeria, United Kingdom

In what languages have you undertaken futures / foresight related work or research?


What is it that motivates you to work or participate in the foresight / future studies / related field

I am motivated by stories told by my parents/elders about the times they lived in and how much it differs from today. I'm also motivated by the space I want to create for my children.

What goal/s would you most like to reach with your work as an African futures thinker / practitioner?

Precisely, greater youth participation in politics in Nigeria, both as the elected and the electorate. There are so many opportunities!

Who or what most influenced your thinking as a futures thinker / practitioner, and how?

The feedback we got on our outputs at the BBC Media Action (I was a radio drama producer – behavioural change communication) showed me that people can change their attitudes if they understand how it will benefit them.

What is your main disciplinary background? (i.e. your primary training / qualification)

Mass Communication and social media

How do other people describe you and how do you describe yourself?

Others describe me as… Determined

I describe myself as… Fun!



What is one of your favourite quotes about the future?

“My interest in the future is because I am going to spend the rest of my life there.” - Charles F. Kettering

How would you describe the state of African futures thinking right now?

Baby stages – we are starting to understand it, but haven’t grasped it in its totality.

What is, in your opinion, the main barrier to uptake of futures knowledge by African institutions and organisations?

Today. Now. Me. There is little or no thought for the future beyond end of the year projections.

If you were to give advice to someone who wants a career in African foresight / future studies, what would you say to him or her?

Consider the fact that there are always two sides to a story, so search beyond the information given to you. Projection must be borne from rounded knowledge.

What are your recommended readings for every African futures thinker / practitioner?

Mark Stevenson’s An optimist’s guide of the future

What are your recommendations for other favourite futures resources: websites, newsfeeds, mailing lists, associations, etc.?

Foresight for Development blog
Tech Cabal


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