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Tawakalitu Omolara Alabi

Futurist Profile


Tawakalitu Omolara Alabi


Founder: Girls2women Initiatives

Tawakalitu answered a few questions about her perspective and on being a futures thinker.


You identify yourself as an African futures thinker or practitioner. How would you describe to the woman or man on the street what it is that you do in this regard?

I work on creating safe spaces for women and the grill child especially in the rural communities. I advocate on SDGs 3,4 & 8, I educate and sensitize on menstrual hygiene management and also train young girls on making the reusable pads, I connect young girls from underserved communities with willing sponsors who gives them scholarships to have access to quality education and I train and empower women and girls in rural communities on basic vocational skills acquisitions to be self-dependent and also contribute their quota to the development of their families, communities and the nation at large.

How many years have you worked as an African futures thinker / practitioner?

Over five years

In which countries or places have you had working experience as an African futures thinker / practitioner?

Iwo, Osun state
Accra, Ghana
Ilorin Kwara state
Osogbo, kwara state
Ibadan, Oyo statem

In what languages have you undertaken futures / foresight related work or research?

English language
Yoruba language
French language

What is it that motivates you to work or participate in the foresight / future studies / related field

I am passionate about the girl child and I want to do all I can to make sure an average young girl can live her life to the fullest, fulfilling her dreams without fear or reproach, irrespective of their family background, social status or financial capabilities.

What goal/s would you most like to reach with your work as an African futures thinker / practitioner?

My goal is to have all girls have access to safe and hygienic menstrual products and have equal access to Quality Education without any hindrance.

Who or what most influenced your thinking as a futures thinker / practitioner, and how?

Seeing young girls struggling to live and get things done makes me want to do more and really influences my thinking because once I see what a girl is struggling about I will want to work on it and see how I can create a sustainable solution that will beneficial not just to the struggling girl but to others like her who may also be in the same situation.

What is your main disciplinary background? (i.e. your primary training / qualification)

Health: Sexual and reproductive health and rights, Menstrual hygiene management, Entrepreneurship, international relations, Business Branding/analyst

How do other people describe you and how do you describe yourself?

Others describe me as… Energetic
I describe myself as… Innovative



What is one of your favourite quotes about the future?

“A goal is not always meant to be reached; it often serves simply as something to aim at." ” - Bruce Lee

How would you describe the state of African futures thinking right now?

I will describe it as progressive and evolving, we are having many youths now becoming African future thinking and it can only get better with time.

What is, in your opinion, the main barrier to uptake of futures knowledge by African institutions and organisations?

I think the main barrier is absence of institution s and political investments. Also, there is lack of creativity which is making access to evolving technologies a big issue for us and this is seriously affecting every area of our existence, especially slowing down our educational journey.

If you were to give advice to someone who wants a career in African foresight / future studies, what would you say to him or her?

Africa is ever living and growing day by day. Africa needs creative thinkers who are passionate about transformational change. Give your best towards making Africa great and be intentional. Together we can make the world a better place for all.

What are your recommended readings for every African futures thinker / practitioner?

Long walk to freedoms by Nelson Mandela
Daughters of Africa by Margaret Busby
Half of a Yellow sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


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