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Joseph Edozien


Joseph Edozien, HRH Prince Chibuike of Asaba, is a Systems Scientist and Cybernetician. Trained at Stanford University in the United States of America, one country of his raising and nationality, in Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering, and in Philosophy and The Foundations of Mathematics at St. John's College, also in the United States of America.

His father is King Nwanosike of Asaba, The Asagba of Asaba.
His mother is Queen Modupe of Asaba, The Obinwanyi of Asaba.
His Maternal Great Grandfather is Herbert Macaulay, The Father of Independent Nigeria.
His Maternal Greater Grandfather is Archbishop Ajayi Crowther, The first African Christian Archbishop, Anglican Church.
His distant Paternal Ancestor is Nnebisi, The Legendary Founder of The Asaba People.
His greater distant Paternal Ancestry is The Royal Family of The Igala People.

Joseph Edozien considers his ancestry and heritage to be sufficient explanation and justification for his profound interest in The Self-Designed Future of Africa, and thus, as Mother Continent, of Our Whole World.

Joseph Edozien is both African and American, and considers himself to be a World Citizen deeply concerned for The Future of Humanity.

Contemplating futures from here, this:

Lights in The Abyss of The Dark Ocean Deep

Tomorrow is The Shallow Water,
the Lapping Shallows of The Morrow,
licking along The Shoreline of Today.

Lights in The Abyss of The Far Dark Ocean Deep
Pressed Upon by All those Variegated Happeningstances
of All the Ringing Chimes of Nearer Times
Here . . . Lies Still . . . , Cold and Dark and Ocean Deep,
The Farther Father Portents of Far Far Future Fore . . .


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