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Insight into the Metaverse


Dr Helen Papagiannis - Augmented Reality Pioneer (16 yrs), World Economic Forum AR VR Council, Professional Keynote Speaker, Designer, NFT artist, Author of Augmented Human

"It will be possible to experience the metaverse with all of our senses and being. Today, each of the senses can be used to heighten immersion in virtual experiences by mirroring reality; however, the opportunity also exists to apply the senses in alternative ways that are in contrast to what we may experience in physical reality. This opens up a new gateway of possibilities, including even creating new senses."

Wayne Hu - Managing Director, Early Stage Venture - SignalFire

“The metaverse could also transform the earning power and prestige from traditionally low or mid-paid skillsets, such as designers, who can now create scarcity around their work and reach a much wider audience," he said. "It could potentially create new types of skillsets and roles, from virtual community managers to game trainers, and other jobs driven by virtual skills."

Tiffany Rolfe - Chief Creative Officer, R/GA: Global Digital Product, Marketing & Brand Innovation Company

“AR so far seems to be the simplest way to transition us into the metaverse. But we’ll continue to see attempts to push more into VR with headsets . . . and once we are comfortable wearing our powerful phones over our faces, it’s game over. Or rather, game on."

Kristof De Spiegeleer - Founder & CEO at ThreeFold Tech – TFTech

“The metaverse will not just be a place for online classes. It will be your mobile phone, your web, your augmented reality and more. These are just different ways to interact with the new metaverse as an extension of our current life giving us superpowers we wouldn’t otherwise have."

Timoni West - VP at Augmented & Virtual Reality at Unity Technologies

“Computers are the path to unlocking ambient computing: where computers fade from the foreground to the background of everyday, useful tools. The metaverse is less of a ‘thing’ and more of a computing era. Contextual computing enables a multitude of new types of interactions and apps: VR sculpting tools and social hangouts, self-driving cars, robotics, smart homes."

Michael Jensen - Founder, CEO – Labster

“In education, there's a possibility for any student or teacher in the metaverse to have unrestricted access to the most cutting-edge school campuses in a virtual and highly realistic 3D world. The metaverse could provide a way to interact, collaborate, access unlimited resources and teaching tools, instantly travel anywhere and obtain trusted digital accreditations verified by blockchain technology."

Mamoru Hosoda - Japanese film director and animator

"I see the possibility for creating something that is truly global. In the real world, we have languages, we have history, we have these walls between nations that are very difficult to overcome. But if those weren’t there, like on the internet, then perhaps there is a possibility to build an online community where everyone can truly belong."

Mark Zuckerberg - Cofounder and CEO (2004– ) of Facebook

“In the near future, you’ll be able to instantly teleport in a hologram in the office with no commute, in an event with your friends, or even in the living room of your parents to meet up. Think about the many physical objects you own today that could be futuristic holograms.

The TV you have, the ideal workspace with several monitors as well as your board games and much more. Instead of tangible objects assembled at factories, the items will become created by designers from all over the world."

Yat Siu - Founder and Executive Chairman of Animoca Brands

"Today we see AR as a link to a virtual world, perhaps as a way to escape or enhance the physical world. But in the future, AR will serve as a pathway back to the real world, allowing users to take breaks from full virtual immersion–maybe to eat or exercise–without completely disconnecting."


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