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Insight into Transport


Kevin Pillay - Vice President for Mobility at Siemens Africa

"Africa’s transport sector is preparing for an infrastructure revolution as more countries are embracing the concept of intelligent mobility."

Mpumi Mpofu - Former director-general of the National Department of Transport

“Intelligent transport systems will lead the way in enhancing road safety and integrated law enforcement. Cities can expect exciting new technology such a drones, dashcams and vehicle testing of speed over distance as new tools emerge to encourage responsible driving. While Uber is pioneering the use of technology to monitor safety, cities are introducing new technologies.”

Robin Chase - Co-founder of Zipcar

“Simply eliminating the drivers from cars, and keeping everything else the same, will be a disaster. If we share rides in shared cars, we will only need 10% of the cars we have today. We have the ability to eliminate congestion, transform the livability of cities, make it possible to travel quickly and safely from A to B for the price of a bus ticket, improve the quality of our air, and make a significant dent in reducing carbon dioxide emissions."

Professor Amnon Shashua - Senior vice president, Intel Corporation and chief executive officer and chief technology officer of Mobileye.

“Society expects autonomous vehicles to be held to a higher standard than human drivers."

Sirpa Korte - Transport Director, Turku

“Urban planning and transport planning have to support one another – that’s the crucial factor in areas of new development."

Riaan Graham - Sales director at Ruckus Wireless

“Mobility goes hand-in-hand with travel and transport and the proliferation of mobile devices is certainly driving the adoption of wireless technologies – particularly WiFi connectivity – in transportation.

Whether it’s an individual, or a company transporting people or goods, there is a distinct desire and expectation from consumers, customers and business, alike, to be able to; communicate, do seamless and real-time route checking or planning for improved time management and productivity, manage safety and security from anywhere, as well as access certain application services while en route."

Anthony Foxx - American politician and lawyer who served as the United States Secretary of Transportation from 2013 to 2017

"The reality about transportation is that it's future-oriented. If we're planning for what we have, we're behind the curve."

Michel Masson - Chief Executive, Infrastructure Victoria

“We know that driverless and zero emissions vehicles could fundamentally reshape our cities, towns, neighbourhoods and streets."

John Zimmer - Co-founder and president of Lyft

“The solution to transportation inefficiencies lies at the intersection of collaborative consumption and the social graph: Shifting transportation from ownership to access."

Mary Gustanski - Delphi’s vice president of engineering

“We’re going to see more electrification, and the electric car will merge with automated driving and the connected car."

Sam Abuelsamid - Senior research analyst at Navigant Research

“We will primarily see autonomous cars in on-demand mobility fleets. There’s a distinct possibility that consumers will never actually be able to buy them.

Once a car is sold to a consumer, the manufacturer no longer has control over which parts are put on that vehicle, and when we’re talking about the sensors that control the car, it’s critical that they not be replaced with cheap, off-brand parts."

Gary Survis - Venture partner at Insight Venture Partners and a senior fellow at Wharton’s Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership (IGEL)

“The infrastructure for modern transportation in the urban environment demands major thinking and federal funding. As the population continues to rise in our bigger cities, this should become a major priority."

Simon Scott - PA consulting transport experts

“The way we perceive transportation needs to be fundamentally changed. Before long, transportation will happen in entirely new ways and with new means."


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