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Alternative Economies II


To Our World with LOVE . . .


Dear World,

How are YOU today?

Greetings . . .


The Great Unfolding Theme of Our Human Future on Earth is LOVE.


. . . in Humility and in Self-Honesty.

. . . because Love, genuine Self-love, is the saliva which licks and cleans our wounds of
The Soul Suicide of Hubris and Self-Distortion.


Our Great Learning is Pure Love . . .


The Gentle will Reflourish Earth: as happily only one species of creature amongst the very many other creatures for whom this world is no more or less theirs too.

And that is the way it was always meant to be . . .


This Great Learning for All is The Great Unlearning for Some.


It is evident that we will be unable to operate our post-modern economies in artificial separation from Nature and independently from deep considerations of Restorative Economic Harmonies.


But any nature-centric economy able to consistently deliver restorative sociocultural harmonies with ecosystemic revitalizations is clearly incompatible with the outlook and values of the currently dominant model of the socioeconomics of modernity.

The Transcendence of Modernity, and its shapers and its Mechanocivilization, in The Transmutation to A New Era of Organocultures based on Love and Psychical Abundance is inevitable simply because it is necessary.

Our Future is Liberated Livelihoods in Smallseeking Selforganizing Organocultures.
. . . because it must be if we are all, and our progeny, to remain long here . . .

These ecoformations will interoperate and internetwork with each other for scale in a Tapestry of Transparent Freeware because each Person will in due course interact globally in world straddling gift economies in post-monetary interactions.
Each in due course will be not of one but of many ecoformations at the same time . . .


Freeconomics is Futurenomics!


The Free Gift Economy is The Largest Economy on Planet Earth.
Always has been, is now, and always will be.
You just don’t know that because you are not supposed to know that . . .
No-one ever told you that before . . . Even though it’s true and obvious . . .
People are mostly givers; not mostly takers or traders.
Always have been. Always will be.
Living is Giving. Loving is Giving.
The Getting is In and From The Giving . . .
Nature’s Economy is Freeconomy
Nature’s Economic Paradigm is Free Gift Economics.
Planetary Economics is Free Gift Economics.
For Us to Live: Planet and Nature Give Freely to Us.
For Us to Thrive: in Life, in Happiness, and in Love,
We Give Freely to Each Other . . .

The World Evolution is simply to GIVE FREELY! . . . this will save us.

Nothing more . . . It’s what we always did . . . And will have to do on a world-scale.
But more, much more, on that later . . .


The perspective necessary to survive our approaching future is founded on The Economics of Love and Psychical Abundance in Concert with Nature in The Envelope of Planet . . .


Earth is Our only Hearth; . . . for now . . .


. . . unless, as some wish, we can successfully colonise other planets to continue our usurious and soul-destroying journey toward inner emptiness.


“Technology,” as we now know it, though, will more likely slave us than save us.
Technophilia is a self-denying dodge of the real matter facing us: Ourselves.

Wherever we go, even if to other galaxies, we will only find ourselves and our unresolved and thus unacknowledged ugliness. And so the cycle begins anew . . .
We cannot escape Our Shadow Selves without Loving Light being shone upon them.
Without being bathed in clear hiding-disabled illumination, they will always follow us silently to drive us increasingly crazy wherever we go: here, there, and everywhere . . .

There is no moral escape open to us: from the moral imposters we have become; from the selves we were long ago before being morally sabotaged by our accumulative civilizations; and from the remoralised beings we will have to be in our postcivilizational phase, which is in part the way we always were when we were morally alive in alignment with the systems and processes of Earth and of each other.

At the very least, we ought to face ourselves truthfully, learn ourselves honestly, and become wiser before spreading further on the wings of a new enwisened technonomy.

In an abstract hypercivilizational fantasy, of course, it is conceptually possible to capture every extra-somatic atom in the Universe along with every extra-somatic quantum of cosmic energy to “forever” power an avaricious hypercivilization in an extrapolative deification of our current infinitizing materialism.

While this may provide orgasmic intellectual thrills for those infatuated with narcissistic powers, this leaves us still who we are today: not very nice. Because subverted . . .

Even if one were to accept those speculative transplanetary possibilities as being worthy ambitions, perhaps we might first slow down our unhealthy mania in any case and spend a few thousand more, or even a few million sauntering, years luxuriantly perfecting our souls first before embarking on those hypercivilizational transgalactic adventures. We’d enjoy ourselves in all our powers even more then so why not wait and wise up first?

Let’s try to have good healthy soul-feeding fun here first with each other for just a few more generations at least even if only just to prepare, and in the process get to know each other better as intrinsic worthies rather than just for veiled instrumentalities.

We may become in the meantime, lo, via accelerated soulless technoevolution into hyperevolutionary singularities a new and stranger GMO cyborg species with different psychic needs and happinesses and thus no need at all for any real human wisdom and sweet love.

Smile . . .


History is The Story of Civilization


History is the story of civilization: a grandiose narrative ending in tragedy -- amidst a Comedy of Veiled Errors in the stanzas to its tragedy.

But the story does not end there; for The Wealthextraction-Poor, being Living Memories of The Once Wellbeing-Rich, shall live on to recreate.

In informal formations of informal economies lies the creative potential of humanity to reimagine, refashion, and thereby flourish The Future of Economic Earth.

This Crazed Kleptomaniac Civilization launched in Sumeria turned The Garden of Eden, its symbolic birthplace, into the desert it now is, then marched boastfully through Greece, then through Rome into Greater Europe, and then from there to the continents which we now call America after spreading throughout our globe -- leaving deserts, mayhem, theft, genocide, sociocide, and culturocide in its turbulently uncaring wake.

Having eaten everywhere everyone else’s meals, it is still today singing its seductive songs of infinite treasures and unlimited pleasures to the still naïve world after having robbed it of the very treasures and pleasures it is now promising people if only they become greater consumers and deeper mental slaves in its corruptly insane system.

Behind these sweet songs lie the veiled fangs and hidden claws of a new and desperate kleptomania.

Too late for itself, though . . .

From America, banging and clanging loudly, this strange mad beast of a civilization has returned symbolically and mystically to its denuded birthplace in the now Desert of Eden with its cannons, drones, and sleek warplanes in the names of fake freedom and false democracy to very noisily herald its own death agony as it writhes out its last century.

This strange vast mad beast of a civilization went boastfully and loudly home to die . . .

Ba Bye Sumerian System.

May we live long after you . . .

Cheers, World.

It’s late evening in the old era now . . .

Trust YOU are quietly reflective in this silvery twilight of old era’s setting sun . . .

And I see out there that it’s a good moon rising . . .


Sleep well tonight and dream well your way well to waking well.

Our Tomorrows are The Morning of The NEW . . .

Love . . .



Thisworld Reincarnations


We Each Live Many Lives In Thisworld;
And Reincarnate In Each Cycle of Our Learning.

Learn Each Lesson of Each Previous Life Well,
Through Contemplation Of Each In This Life,
And Next Life Will Then Be Better. And So On And On . . .
And So We Live Better And Better As We Live Life Longer And Longer.


Flowing The Streams Of Dreams


Be not afear'd.
Be not alarmed.
Feel unbound and off the rut,
For these are times which feed the seeds with new springs.

Now is the time for wishes and vast dreams.
Now are the times which seed the fields of wishes.
Now are the times which blow the winds which flow the streams of dreams...



is Next . . .

Love and Help Live!

Joseph Edozien


Joseph Edozien
Chibuike of Asaba; R.
Cape Town
South Africa


* Joseph Edozien, H.R.H. Prince Chibuike of Asaba, writes this in his personalcapacity.
Love to Aunty Maria Edozien-Warmate
The Personification of Love . . .


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