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Alternative Economies III


Living IN Love. . .

e c o L O V Enomics Essentialised Love and Help Live!


All is One beneath; One Rootedness.

All IS Alive!


Thoughts and Tools for Living in LOVE:
ecoLOVEnomics is Living in Love on The Macrosocial Scale.

. . . removing impediments from us being who we really are . . .

People are Loving Creatures
designed for Living and Bonding
in Small Connections.

Small Communions are Living Trust Networks of Living in Love.


The Five Love Lives of Living in Love

(ecoLOVEnomics is Living Love-Based Economics)


I. The Foundation Principle of Living in Love:
If All WILL Give; Each SHALL Receive . . .

II. The Foundation Practice of Living in Love:
Give Freely and Abundantly!
(Gift Whatever You Can and Will.)

III. The Foundation Orchestra of Living in Love:
The Spontaneously and Organically Self-Expanding
Living Love Commons of Cooperative Complementarities.

IV. The Foundation Operations of Living in Love: Giftings and Geftings.

1. Gift! (Give Freely and Abundantly to Your Living Love Commons.)
2. Geft! (Get Freely and Abundantly from Your Living Love Commons.)

V. The Foundation of Formation and Nurturance for Living in Love:
Gift to Form or Join and Nurture a Living Trust Network of Small Communions.

A Love Economy is . . .
A Making of A Home Together.

Love-Based Economics is Yours!
It is what it is for You.
You already live it and do it in the small. It is Happiness.
LBE, Outed, is A Love Gift through Me to You; and not necessarily from me as such . . .


Gifting is The Foundation of Happiness.


Every One has Self-Some to Gift and thus can Give.
All Giving THUS Each Receiving is The Foundation Principle of Living in Love.


One-To-Many Living Trust Networks:

1. Each can form and/or join Many Living Trust Networks.
2. Forming and Joining is Organically Self-Limiting because to form or to join: You MUST Give!


Sharing and Scaling Cooperative Complementarities:

1. Groundroots Living Trust Networks is People.
2. Living Trust Networks internetwork in Fluid Horizontal Conetworks of Living Trust Networks in Spontaneities of Complementarities.
3. Living Trust Networks transnetwork in Flexible Vertical Supernetworks of Living Trust Networks in Stages of Complementarities.
4. Living Trust Networks and Living Love Commons share in Spontaneities and Scale in Stages: fluidly and flexibly.


The Fundamental Giftings:

1. Love
2. Trust
3. Being
4. Presence
5. Support
6. Services
7. Skills
8. Things
9. Makings
10. Nurturances


Keep it as Simple, Organic, Fluid, Flexible, and Natural as feasible.

1. Living Trust Networks and their Living Love Commons share and scale through Orchestral Helping Linkages.
2. Flowlinking Living Trust Networks and Flexlinking Living Love Commons for Cooperative Complementarities is how Small Connections share and scale . . .


Each Small Connection

forming Living Trust Networks and Living Love Commons

is A Living Experiment of Living in Love . . .


Most of Living is Love-Based Economics.
You already DO LBE!
Continue Together, and Build On That.


Just GIVE !
That’s The Love. . .


Joseph Edozien
H.R.H. Prince Chibuike of Asaba writes this in his personal capacity
31 December 2016


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