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Alternative Economies IV

‘Collaborative Synthesizim’ and Innovative Nations


In an increasingly interconnected world, those individuals, sectors, and nations who can master collaborative synthesis will emerge as alpha-innovators. Through "collaborative synthesizim", the use of highly-integrated, progressive technologies working in synchronization will drive innovative practices, encourage new ways of thinking, and present new challenges.


Why is the new global age the dawn of a new $100 trillion global economy?

This is when nouveau entrepreneurialism becomes intertwined with techno-clamity. It is driven by alpha dreamers and creates a peaceful and very powerful collaborative synthesis with the unique ability to dance altogether in perfect rhyme.

Nations that are smart enough to understand real innovative excellence, can deploy massive grassroots programs as national agenda, and support their entrepreneurial base will participate in such global races. The rest will be the spectators cheering others to success.


Make the World Great Again

“Collaborative Synthesizim” is a new global age phenomenon that concentrates on re-thinking and re-looking at the world all over again, like never before, village by village, city by city; it requires that we re-explore the landscape of richness with new minds, visions of 2020, new sets of eyes, and with raw wild entrepreneurial imagination.

Collaborative Synthesizim is highly integrated, technology-based, real-time superior performance, as well as collaborative progressions deployed simultaneously in dozens of countries with fascinating ease. It is global age rapid deployment of innovative excellence with new project execution styles coming together to create a massive impact. This is new thinking re-trained, new visions re-engineered, and new business models re-calibrated. It’s a new blend of massive economical development that is synthesized at a new mix cycle rate, boldly declaring old economical thinking and business models ineffective.

This is neither the fourth nor fifth industrial revolution; it’s a brand-new renaissance of new global thinking.

Very soon, 20 billion smart devices in the hands of few billion alpha dreamers will start dancing in synchronization at the same beat. This will be a living a tsunami of techno-calamity; it will be like living inside a big screen sci-fi film via goggles in your own privacy of space with your choice and time. The earth will vibrate with grassroots prosperity. Such a world will use primal mankind needs as a principal guide and overtake destructive maneuvering of self-interest-agendas. Alpha dreamers are like the new global age pioneers of today: liberating old thought leaderships of yesterday.

The world is so big, so colorful, and so wide open to massive collaboration; it has been the last century’s dogmatic destruction, blindfolded by fake news, bad economical models and for-hire incompetent leaderships.


New Separation and New Divides

The new prosperity demands a brand-new space to house such new thinking and new styles of business structures. A complete separation from the old systems and thinking must take place. The start of the e-commerce revolution flourished with a brand-new set of rules, new procedures, complete new looks, and new types of staff on brand-new floors, with special thinking and skills. The e-commerce revolution was never an extension of the previous industrial revolution: it was a brand-new umbrella, far superior in thinking and execution. Without brand-new separate facilities, new styles of teams, and new protocols, e-commerce would have collapsed on greasy factory floors and would have been misfiled in old secretarial pools. The old management like viruses was separated; old contagious mentalities were blocked and restricted; only newly trained and qualified IT specialist had round-the-clock access to the air-conditioned humming rooms working as new pulsating hearts of the innovative organizations.

This was prevalent across the corporate world and very recent in the mainframe computer era.

Unless frequent flyers are pulled out of the cockpits and replaced by real professional pilots, we cannot land safely. The grassroots prosperity failures of past era can no longer be solved by the same system and leadership that created it. A brand-new page and new teams in new locations are mandatory.

Today’s deniers are now the new enemy of growth, fake media now the new enemy of the nation, and the incompetency the new burden to new transformation. Identify, isolate, transform, and move forward.

Collaborative Synthesizim has arrived in full swing. Feel the rhythm; learn the new dance, enjoy the beat and musicology of new free technologies and the let the spectators watch.


The New Challenges of 2020

Beneficiaries: The silent majority, seeking practical and fundamental view for deployment of local prosperity issues, anywhere across the globe, will benefit. Entrepreneurs believing in “extreme value creation” while rejecting “value manipulations” and alpha dreamers embracing new global age and techno-calamity will have great success.

Enemies: The establishment which is determined NOT to change is the adversary. Populace brainwashed on fake media, and bureaucracy-dependent job seekers are the opponents. Ignoramuses of the new global age world will try to beat the path down for those pushing on the way up.

Adjustments: Arrange a bold and open debate, create a small but high-profile forum, and debate, engage, and fight out in open; spin hard so it finally curds into something solid. It’s not important who is right or wrong; what is important is the real truth. We must continually seek to find why the truth is so hidden, and why solutions are so prohibited. It will not be an easy process. Courage and stamina will be mandatory. Unlimited prosperity will emerge.

Discover and define economical nationalism. Make your own country great by first adopting a positive and logical approach to national prosperity. Discover how to work successfully with one country and later multiply such skills to expand to 200 countries.

Fair trading is wide open all over the world. Boycotts and closed trade are the destructive thinking, caused by globalization based on serving only selected groups. Mankind wants to depend on its natural survival strategy and has now figured out that enough is enough and the time for big change has already arrived.

By Naseem Javed


Feature-AltEcono02About the author

Naseem Javed is a corporate philosopher, world-class speaker, author, and Chairman of Mentorian Worldwide, a think tank on Image Supremacy of Innovative Excellence & Entrepreneurial Leadership. He is leading the charge on entrepreneurial leadership transformation and is a recognized authority on global digital trends as well as image complexities and how they impact business performances and create global age skill shifts. His recent work on Expothon Strategy is getting global attention.

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