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Our selection of videos on this month's theme: Future of Creativity


Ije Nwokorie: The Future of Creativity in the Age of Automation
As the CEO of creative consultancy Wolff Olins, one of the world’s most influential brand businesses, IJE NWOKORIE leads offices in London, New York, San Francisco, and Dubai, working with companies such as GE, American Express, Skype, Orange, Mercedes Benz, Tate, (RED), AoL, and London2012. Here, he argues that the voices warning of a dystopian future where technology is pitted against society are growing, and they are not without justification. People pay less attention to each other, are in less control of their identities, and huge swathes of the workforce are being replaced by machines. It doesn’t have to be this way. By establishing new norms, behaviors, and skills, technology can be used as a creative force for good to aid in the great challenges of our times and improve the overall societal welfare.


Arts, Future Technologies and the African Story
Most anticipated discussion about the role of future technologies and arts to the African societies, a discussion with Ralph Borland, Founder at African Robots; Gadi Ramadhani, Art Curator & Founder of KokoTEN Studio; Ngaira Mandara, Creative Artist; Rebecca Corey, MD at Nafasi Art Space; moderated by Jumanne Mtmbalike, Co-Founder at Sahara Sparks.


The Future of Synthetic Content and Creativity by @FanaticalFuturist
The way we create content in the future will be dramatically different to how we do it today, and both content creation and creativity will become increasingly democratised. During this keynote I zoom out across the next twenty years and show highlight reels of some of the major technologies that will turn the $6 Trillion content industry on its head.


The Future of Creativity and Culture: Futurist Gerd Leonhards Keynote speech XMediaLab Ba
This is the complete video of his keynote on the future of culture, content, media and creativity at the 2017 XMedialab event in Basel, Switzerland, October 2017.


The future of creativity
Scenarios on the future of creativity. Under the theme of Divergent – they polled the audience in the week before asking them for the most uncertain aspects about the future of creativity and then with colleauge Tim Willard we turned those uncertainties into four different scenarios for what creativity may look like in 2025.


The Future of Creativity | Seda Röder | TEDxKoenigsallee
As a concert pianist, Seda deeply engages with the sound possibilities in and around her piano. Her nicknames are “the piano hacker” and “creativity advocate”. How she earned these nicknames will become evident on the TEDxKoenigsallee stage, where she will present new and creative ways to play and engage with the piano.


The Future of Creativity and Innovation is Gamification: Gabe Zichermann at TEDxVilnius
Gabe Zichermann is the chair of GSummit where top gamification experts across industries gather to share knowledge and insight about customer & employee engagement and loyalty. He is also an author, highly rated public speaker and entrepreneur whose next book, The Gamification Revolution (McGraw Hill, 2013) looks at how leaders are leveraging gamification strategy to crush the competition. His books have helped define the industry's standards and frameworks, and continue to be key reference materials today.


The Future of Creativity: The Work
Ad Age Creativity editors chat live with adam&eveDDB’s Rick Brim, Wieden+Kennedy’s Colleen DeCourcy and Droga5’s David Droga. Plus, a guest-curated edition of Creativity Top 5.


Creativity over the career | Pier Vittorio Mannucci | TEDxLondonBusinessSchool
Dr Pier Vittorio Mannucci's talk will focus on how to keep employees’ creative potential alive over their careers, and how understanding the evolution of employees’ creative needs and creative processes can help companies optimize their innovative output and success. Dr Pier Vittorio Mannucci is an assistant professor at London Business School. His research focuses on how to make every employee creative, and on how individuals and categories that are usually depicted as less creative are just the victims of stereotyping and/or inappropriate stimuli. He has published research in top academic journals on how individuals can be consistently creative over time, and on the effects of social networks and technology and on individual and team creativity.


What is the future of creativity? by Susan Greenfield, Author of Mind Change
Susan Greenfield is a research scientist, author and broadcaster based in Oxford. She has held research fellowships in the Department of Physiology Oxford, the College de France Paris, and NYU Medical Center New York. Susan talks about her hopes for a world in which technology is liberating and the world has learned how to foster creativity and talent.


Technology and The Future of Creativity: Steven Shepard at TEDxManchesterVillage
Dr. Steven Shepard is the founder of the Shepard Communications Group in Williston, Vermont, co-founder of the Executive Crash Course Company, and founder of Shepard Images.


Five Nobel Laureates discuss: The future of creativity
May-Britt Moser, Edvard Moser, Randy Schekman, Michael Levitt, Carl Wieman discuss how technology might affect creativity.


TEDxPearlRiver - Joanne Ooi - The future of creativity
Orginally from Singapore, but raised in the USA, Joanne Ooi has lived in Hong Kong since the 1990s. She was formerly the Creative Director of Shanghai Tang and was responsible for transforming the traditional Chinese label into an Orient-Chic powerhouse. Today, Joanne is the CEO of the Clean Air Network in Hong Kong, which helps to motivate and educate the public about the benefits of breathing clean air.


TEDxPerm - Umberto Giraudo - Creativity Future and Our Future
Umberto Giraudo: Programme Leader, Product Design course at the British Higher School of Art and Design (Moscow). Umberto tells us about the future of creativity which strongly depends on our historical heritage.


Coding, creativity, and the future of work | Jason Madar | TEDxLangaraCollege
A talk about the importance of teaching our kids how to code, how it will affect their creativity and the future work they can expect. Jason Madar is an educator, leader, academic, and software developer with over 20 years of experience.


The Convergence of Art, Technology & Creativity | The Future of Creative Technology
Join Beatie Wolfe -- UN Women role model for innovation and musical visionary - and The Mill's Will MacNeil as they discuss the power of combining art and technology to convey powerful messages that instigate social change, in a conversation moderated by Dan Phillips.


Yemi A.D. I Future of Creativity I SingularityU Czech Summit 2019 | Singularity University
During his professional career, Yemi has evolved from a dancer to choreographer, director and producer. Today he is one of the most wanted creative authors – he worked for several years with American rapper and superstar Kanye West, with whom he created dozens of concerts, & tours around the globe, including shows like Saturday Night Live, or VMAs.


Augmented Creativity: The Future of Digital Storytelling with Wesley ter Haar | Adobe Creative Cloud
Storytelling is powerful — messages delivered as stories are up to 22 times more memorable than just facts. Join Wesley ter Haar, COO of MediaMonks & executive director at S4 Capital Group, to explore how you can develop experiences that create connections between your brand and its customers through memory. Creatives and designers play an important role in making this a reality and producing work that lives on in memory for consumers, but they need technology to augment their talent.


Cultivate Creativity to Fuel the Future | Josh Johnston | TEDxHuntsville
Josh Johnston shares his creative journey and inspiration behind his many art installations in his community and the benefit it offers to future generations around him.


2nd Renaissance Ep 01 The Future of Creativity and Design with Vince Frost and Anders Sörman-Nilsson
In the 2nd Renaissance podcast we decode the rebirth of human creativity in a technology-driven world. In 2020, the future arrived sooner than we thought. In our inaugural episode global futurist Anders Sorman-Nilsson interviews designer and thinker Vince Frost. We cover concepts such as human-centred design and design thinking and how they can be used to re-design ones life as well as the world. Vince speaks about his personal journey of re-designing his life and health, and the rise of conscious capitalism and why doing well while doing good is the new entepreneurial imperative, and why we are all born creative - no matter whether we are more right brained or left brained.


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