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Our selection of videos on this month's theme: Future of Humanity


Robotics & AI - The Future of Humanity?
The flow of new innovations is constant, with robotic technologies continuing to evolve at an ever more rapid pace, with the goal of improving our lifestyles. With progress moving at such speed, and the boundaries between robots and humans narrowing, what can we expect in the future? Are we heading towards a merging of human and artificial intelligence? And if so, are we ready for it?


Thinking Machines and the Future of Humanity
Within our lifetimes, AI will, by design, begin to behave unpredictably, thinking and acting in ways which defy human logic. Big tech companies may be inadvertently building and enabling vast arrays of intelligent systems that don't share our motivations, desires, or hopes for the future of humanity. Is it too late to change course and realize a human-centered future for artificial intelligence?


10 years to transform the future of humanity -- or destabilize the planet
"For the first time, we are forced to consider the real risk of destabilizing the entire planet," says climate impact scholar Johan Rockström. In a talk backed by vivid animations of the climate crisis, he shows how nine out of the 15 big biophysical systems that regulate the climate -- from the permafrost of Siberia to the great forests of the North to the Amazon rainforest -- are at risk of reaching tipping points, which could make Earth uninhabitable for humanity.


Science and the Future of Humanity
Humankind has learned so much, so fast. What are the risks of scientific knowledge? Look to the future. Artificial intelligence. Genetic engineering. Benefits? Dangers?


Future of Humanity
Millions of years of evolution has created us, humans, a species capable of incredible things. How will we change over the coming years as we face the impacts of our own success, and the prospect of steering our own future evolution? The future of humanity is about change in the critical aspects of our everyday modern lives, and ourselves. The future of society, the future of health, the future of food, the future of sport, and the future of education. How will technology affect the way we live and love, work and play, earn and spend, get born, raised, and die?


Technology Trends and Future of Humanity
Risk Group discusses “Technology Trends and Future of Humanity” with Dr. Natasha Vita-More, a Professor at UAT, Executive Director at Humanity+, Inc., Author, and Co-Editor: The Transhumanist Reader, and a Lead Science Researcher: Memory Project from the United States.


Ray Kurzweil, The Technological Singularity And The Future Of Humanity
From the immediate future, to what we'll have in the next few decades, and how the Earth will never be the same, join me as we explore the notions of Ray Kurzweil, The technological singularity and the future of humanity!


Anderson Lecture, "Biotechnology and the Future of Humanity"
Through medicine and biotechnology we have profoundly increased our ability to confront illness, disease and physical suffering and have lengthened the average human life-span. These gains have led some to ask: how might we use the power of biotechnology to also increase our quality of life and enhance human capabilities? Others argue that some forms of biotechnology not only help us to flourish as humans, but arguably have the potential to alter our humanity itself. Whatever it is that we are able to do, we must also ask what it is that we should do (and, consequently, what we should not do). Our esteemed panelists discussed the nature and future of humanity in light of the possibilities and limits of biotechnology.


Transhumanism: A Glimpse into the Future of Humanity
Transhumanism: A Glimpse into the Future of Humanity


Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity
Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity


Stephen Fry, "The future of humanity and technology"
Stephen Fry, "The future of humanity and technology"


Q&A – The Future of Humanity
Q&A – The Future of Humanity


The Hive Panel: The Future Humanity and Systems Thinking
The Hive Panel: The Future Humanity and Systems Thinking


Technology is Not Enough: the Future of Humanity in an Age of AI with Nikola Danaylov
Technology is Not Enough: the Future of Humanity in an Age of AI with Nikola Danaylov


The Future of Humanity - with Yuval Noah Harari
Dr Yuval Noah Harari explains how revolutions in technology and society will transform our bodies and minds.


Michio Kaku - The Future of Humanity
Michio Kaku - The Future of Humanity


Facing the unknown: the future of humanity
Professor Nick Bostrom, Director of the Future of Humanity Institute, will explore the huge technological, scientific and environmental shifts that have led to humanity’s current state, and consider the choices that will determine our long-term future.


Two robots debate the future of humanity
Now for something that’s never been done onstage before. While they may not be human, our next guests are ready to discuss the future of humanity, and how they see their types flourish over the coming years. Here to talk all things robots we'll welcome to the stage Sophia and Han, alongside Hanson Robotics’ Ben Goertzel.


Neil deGrasse Tyson - The Future of Humanity with Elon Musk ...
Neil deGrasse Tyson - The Future of Humanity with Elon Musk ...


Big History and the Future of Humanity
Big History seeks to understand the integrated history of the Cosmos, Earth, Life and Humanity, using the best available scientific and scholarly evidence and methodology. What have been our origins over the past 14 billion years? What does our future entail?


Future of humanity and artificial intelligence: futurist speaker Gerd Leonhard
This is the complete video of my keynote at CapGemini's Spark 2017 in Pebble Beach CA, a CXO forum held every year. This talk is about artificial intelligence (IA, AI, AGI / ASI), automation and the future of business and humanity.


Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity
Work, play, privacy, communication, finance, war, and dating: algorithms and the machines that run them have upended them all. Will artificial intelligence become as ubiquitous as electricity? Is there any industry AI won't touch? Will AI tend to steal jobs and exacerbate income inequalities, or create new jobs and amplify human abilities at work -- or, both? How can the global population adjust to the changes ushered in by artificial intelligence and its capabilities? In light of these changes, how will we remake work, education, and community? Can we build it better than we did before?


Stephen Hawking speaks on ‘the future of humanity’
Renowned English theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking speaks on “the future of humanity” at the Starmus Festival, in the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim on Tuesday, June 20.


The Future of Humanity, Malcolm Gladwell
The world has changed fundamentally, according to the author Malcolm Gladwell, from one in which problems are puzzles to one in which they are, instead, mysteries. Using terminology developed by an intelligence official, Gregory Treverton, Gladwell said this distinction often centres on the amount of information available. In the past it was often about having too little data – a puzzle; in today's world too much data is more likely to be the issue – a mystery. To take education as an example, today a wealth of data on how teachers perform is available, including on such complex is-sues as how a particular teacher's methods interact with the capabilities of an individual student. Similar issues affect fields as diverse as defense and health care. This places challenges on institutions such as governments, because many developed their ways of operating in the 19th or even the 18th century. They are equipped to solve puzzles, not mysteries.


Imagining the Future: The Transformation of Humanity | Peter Diamandis | TEDxLA
In this landmark talk, Peter Diamandis shares how we are rapidly heading towards a human-scale transformation, the next evolutionary step into what he calls a “Meta-Intelligence,” a future in which we are all highly connected -- brain to brain via the cloud -- sharing thoughts, knowledge and actions. He highlights the 4 driving forces as well as the 4 steps that is transforming humanity.


Juan Enriquez: The Future of Humankind
Futurist Juan Enriquez, co-founder and managing director of Excel Venture Management, argues that humans are reshaping the path of evolution through “unnatural selection,” in the form of genetic science and various human actions.


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