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Our selection of videos on this month's theme: Housing


Homes OF The Future: See Why Your House Will Be Amazing In The Future!
In a near future, new amazing technologies will arrive and change your house. Among these products, there will be smart mirrors, virtual reality, smart robots, Improved smart phones and screens and more.


Inside Microsoft's house of the future
Microsoft invited BBC News to take a first look at its revamped Space of the Future at its headquarters in Redmond, Washington. The facility is used to portray what the firm thinks life might be like five to 10 years in the future.


What your home could look like in 50 years
We’ve finished building our Home of the Future. But now it’s starting to feel more and more like the home of the present. Join Grant Imahara as we look at how the tech in our home can change in the next 50 years.


TOP 15 Futuristic Houses
As technologies and design tastes change, the way homes are being build is changes as well. here are the top 15 most futuristic houses.


Future Homes
A compilation of the very finest future of home videos and a few speculative projects on the Internet of Things (IoT).


The House Of The Future Could Look Like
Based on the progression of architecture and design over the past years and the common requirements and lifestyles of the young people of today, dot Architects came up with a prototype project designed to reflect the domestic needs and preferences of the future generations.


Inside the 'future of the home'
Accenture predicts what a home may look like in 2050.


10 Futuristic Homes - Transforming Houses and Design
Have you ever seen a transforming house? How about floating homes and smart homes? Here is our list of 10 futuristic homes - transforming houses and design.


Inside The Hi-Tech Home Of The Future
Virginia Tech's FutureHAUS combines modular construction and cutting-edge technology. The goal is not only to invent the future of housing, but also invent the future of how they will be built.


Smart house of the future | TechKnow
Honda's smart house is an innovative eco-friendly, energy efficient lab, that is able to generate its own power as a solution to living off the grid.


Home Design That Changes Shape Based on Climate
Dubbed' The Transformation House' by Michael Jantzen, it is described as a "design study for an interactive, responsive, self-contained structure that can change its shape to accommodate different functions." Divided into five rotating sections, they can be turned automatically or manually.


Smart homes of the future for everywhere | The Future is Now
What new habitat are we going to call home? As the world's population grows, architects are coming up with mind-boggling concepts, like urban city blocks floating on water, 300-meter deep "groundscapes" using geothermal energy, or soaring houses, perfect for seismic regions. What's even better is that most of the ideas just a few years from being implemented.


Tiny homes of the future | Lara Nobel | TEDxSouthBank
Lara Nobel has always had a natural tendency to problem solve, so when she found herself at the bottom rung of one of the world’s least affordable housing markets, she immediately started brainstorming alternatives. In this talk Lara shares how she was able to innovate, creating one of the world's best tiny houses.


flora robotica - crowds of robots to grow our houses and future green cities
Within the EU-funded project "flora robotica" two essentials for our future life on earth are being merged: technology and nature. Following a simple yet radically new idea, our international team of researchers is envisioning and constructing a bio-hybrid society of robots and natural plants. This bio-hybrid society will be able to reach human-collaborative goals by communicating, working, and growing together. flora robotica takes the first steps toward intelligent plants that can adaptively and sustainably grow our built environment - from urban furniture, to public spaces, to buildings, to entire cities.


Future Housing by Jacque Fresco
This shows what houses in the future might look like. The total goal of these kind of houses is making the build process faster, easier, cheaper and more environmentally friendly, while increasing the amount of comfort.


Future Smart Homes. Technology you won't Believe.
Future Home: Your House Will Be Amazing In The Future!


Future Technology: The Houses Of The Future
How will the houses of the future be like? The answer may seem trivial, but in this video we will discover that this is not exactly the case. Probably our homes will become energy self-sufficient and “intelligent” thanks to domotics, our future technology. But how can these two objectives be achieved? Here are the houses of the future.


Future of Housing: How Will Housing Be Designed Post-Corona
What will housing models look like in years to come? How will we ensure the homes we build are as sustainable as possible? How will we meet shortages and ensure every demographic is catered for? Will micro-living become the norm? And will a “New European Bauhaus” movement, an initiative called for by the European Commission as part of the European Green Deal, bring solutions and a new era of housing design?


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